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MSP Voice Episode 13: “SALES!” with Jack Mortell from StratX IT

In this episode, we interview Jack Mortell who is EVP of Sales and Partners at stratx IT solutions in New York. Statx has about 60 employees and focuses about 90% on the healthcare market. With Jack’s background in sales, we dive a bit deep in this episode about the types of salespeople, who makes a good salesperson and how to make sure you can align the MSP owner’s vision and passion to the salesforce.

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MSP Voice Episode 12: Ryan Day from ITR America

In this episode, Doug interviews Ryan Day from ITR America. ITR is not an MSP company but a seller/supplier of parts for heavy equipment. Ryan had to transition ITR from a disparate IT operation to one that operates like an MSP. Ryan uses many of the same tools any MSP would. We also discuss downtime and how Ryan has set up his infrastructure to minimize downtime and save the company money.

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MSP Voice Episode 10: James Vickery, Benchmark365

James is the CEO of Benchmark 365, a private label helpdesk for Managed Service Providers. James is also the owner of I Know IT, an MSP he started in Sydney, Australia in 2003.

In this episode, we discuss James’ experiences and also spend a good amount of time discussing pricing of services.

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MSP Voice Episode 8: Kevin Bissinger from Dentek Systems, Inc

In the 8th episode of MSP Voice, we are joined by Kevin Bissinger from Dentek Systems, Inc.

Dentek Systems, Inc. (DSI) was founded in Richardson, Texas circa 2002 as a turnkey Information Technology and Audio/Video solutions provider. We offer an array of services and support for new and existing small to mid-size companies. We specialize primarily in the healthcare industry, however, we have experience with a wide variety of professional and residential projects.

This is also the very first episode to feature our new rubric - the Best of Reddit where we choose the most interesting (in our opinion) topics from r/MSP subreddit. Check the 8th episode of the MSP Voice under the cut!

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MSP Voice Episode 7: Jeff Huber from Five Nines Tech

In this episode of MSP Voice, we are joined by Jeff Huber from Five Nines Tech, California. Jeff has been in the industry for over 30 years since he was 19. He says that despite the lack of entrepreneurial spirit he decided to take over the Five Nines Tech, he was managing for a while. Learn more in the 7th episode of MSP Voice!

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How to Onboard New Clients Properly: MSP Onboarding Best Practices

MSP Customer Onboarding Checklist

When a managed service provider onboards new clients, the first 30 days are crucial. This is the period when you should show your customers the level of your services and demonstrate why they should stay with you. Every new client is precious, and if you don’t prove what you can offer, you will simply be throwing away the money that you spent on attracting those clients.

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MSP Voice Episode 6: Kenny Grayson from Grayson Data Services

Kenny Grayson is the owner of Grayson Data Services in Louisiana. Kenny has a typical managed services business but also does application development for his customers. He doesn’t recommend mixing the two unless you have a firm background in app dev but the combination works well for him.
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MSP Voice Episode 4: Dean Lewis from Chess ICT

Currently working as a Technical Architect at the UK based VAR, Chess ICT. Focusing on both pre-sales design a post-sales implementation, finding himself working most days in the virtualization field. Also a general geek with a passion for technology as a whole, which has led him to be nominated as a VMware vExpert, Veeam Vanguard, and Cisco Champion multiple times. Outside of this, he tries to improve his culinary skills and find that ultimate Indian curry recipe.
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