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Overview of Open Source Object Storage Solutions

overview of open source object storage solutions
Looking for an open source storage solution that combines the convenience of file systems with the scalability and performance of block storage? If so, open source object storage solutions are the answer.

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Introducing CloudBerry Backup 2.1 for macOS & Linux

CloudBerry Backup for macOS & Linux beholds yet another release that brings a plethora of new features that expand users' security settings and ways of interacting with the app. In this article, we break down each feature at length.
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Support for Minio in CloudBerry Backup 5.6

CloudBerry Backup supports all major cloud storage services on the market. We're continually adding new ones and thus announce the support for Minio object storage in the latest iteration of our flagship backup product — CloudBerry Backup 5.6. In this article we discuss the matter at length and illustrate the setup process.
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Open-Source FTP Alternative for Your Business

Minio: Open Source FTP Alternative for Business banner

Here at CloudBerry Lab, we help small and mid-size service providers simplify daily management process for their consumers. Most of the partners work with public cloud providers, but sometimes we see interest in using local storage facilities for backups. CloudBerry Backup discontinued support of all FTP family and here is why. Continue reading