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MSP Voice Episode 14: with Ben Petersen from Resolve IT

Ben Peterson from Resolve IT decided 8 years ago to move back to his hometown and startup his own MSP Business. During this episode we cover topics such as:

  • building trust with break-fix customers to move them to monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • updating his brand identity
  • the power of search engine optimization for advertising (SEO)
  • “pretty good” vs “Exceptional” in getting referrals
  • And getting started by creating some rules (and sometimes breaking them)

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MSP Voice Episode 13: “SALES!” with Jack Mortell from StratX IT

In this episode, we interview Jack Mortell who is EVP of Sales and Partners at stratx IT solutions in New York. Statx has about 60 employees and focuses about 90% on the healthcare market. With Jack’s background in sales, we dive a bit deep in this episode about the types of salespeople, who makes a good salesperson and how to make sure you can align the MSP owner’s vision and passion to the salesforce.

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MSP: Do You Need RMM, PSA or Both?

Does an MSP Need RMM, PSA Software, or Both?PSA (Professional Services Automation) and RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tools are both created to boost a service provider’s business, but they are aimed at different spheres.

Using PSA can help build business processes, while RMM is all about the ‘fine tuning’ of an internal technical support. In this article, we are going to help you choose the right tool first. Continue reading

MSP Voice Episode 12: Ryan Day from ITR America

In this episode, Doug interviews Ryan Day from ITR America. ITR is not an MSP company but a seller/supplier of parts for heavy equipment. Ryan had to transition ITR from a disparate IT operation to one that operates like an MSP. Ryan uses many of the same tools any MSP would. We also discuss downtime and how Ryan has set up his infrastructure to minimize downtime and save the company money.

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Penetration Testing as an Offer: Why Should MSPs Conduct Security Testing?

Penetration Testing for MSPs

If you’re a managed service provider (MSP), your clients might ask your company to conduct penetration testing. Should you be ready to do so? And why is providing penetration testing in the best interests of an MSP? Let's take a look. Continue reading

On-Demand vs Break/Fix vs Managed Services

The sphere of IT services has transformed drastically in the last decade or so as customer demands continue to become more complex while the rapid spread of technology transcends expectations. Changes in the external environment often compel service providers to take decisions which can make or break their business. In case of IT shops the transition in operating models from break/fix services and on-demand IT tech services to modern day MSPs is a testament of how times have changed.

If you are an IT shop or consultant that still adheres to traditional operating models rather than shifting towards managed services – here is why you need to make a change, now. Continue reading

MSP Voice Episode 10: James Vickery, Benchmark365

James is the CEO of Benchmark 365, a private label helpdesk for Managed Service Providers. James is also the owner of I Know IT, an MSP he started in Sydney, Australia in 2003.

In this episode, we discuss James’ experiences and also spend a good amount of time discussing pricing of services.

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Bulk Email Marketing Software Guide: Top Solutions for Your MSP Shop

Bulk Email Marketing Software Overview

Email marketing campaigns are perhaps one of the earliest advertising strategies that emerged with the advent of the internet era. However, marketers soon began to realize that as more and more users came onboard the ‘e-mail train’, the sheer quantity of prospective and existing customers that were now online made email marketing campaigns increasingly difficult to manage. Thankfully, the introduction of bulk email marketing software together with the growth in SEO marketing has made the adoption of bulk mailing services a viable option for businesses that are seeking to acquire potential customers while evoking lost interest among their existing clientele. Continue reading

Full Disk Encryption: Approaches and Solutions for MSPs

Full Disk Encryption bitlocker

Data leaks and ransomware infections are common threats nowadays, which you can avoid by using data encryption technologies. If no one can read your data, you do not need to be too afraid of its theft.

That is why it is becoming more popular to encrypt system drives. In this article, we are going to overview the BitLocker tool and a few of its alternatives. Continue reading