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4 Ways to Protect Against Ransomware with Backups

4 ways to protect against ransomware with backups

In our last article, we described the recent situation with many organizations were hit by the WannaCry strain of ransomware – and the possible ways of retaliation. In some cases, organizations simply chose to pay the ransom of $300 – a mere pittance compared to the value of lost data. But WannaCry was not ransomware targeting businesses; instead, it was focused on impacting individuals. Thus, the extremely low ransom.  In many ways, organizations hit by WannaCry were lucky.

But the next ransomware variant may not be so nice.

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TOP 5 Antivirus Solutions for Managed Service Providers

msp antivirus solutions

Secure information infrastructure is a crucial component for the success of modern business. Previously, we have considered general ways of protecting against ransomware and how to proactively defend data with backups.

However, there is more obvious way of protection.

In this article, we consider offers for Managed Service Provider (MSP) from antivirus companies and discuss most valuable criteria in choosing complex anti-virus solution. Continue reading

Defeating Ransomware without Tears

defeating ransomware (without tears)

If you turned on the news or read anything on the web last week, you’re keenly aware of the ransomware known as WannaCry. By the numbers, it is by far the most pervasive ransomware strain to date – 150 countries, over 200K infections, and encryption of nearly 200 file types. Its use of the NSA’s ETERNAL BLUE exploit made WannaCry even more dangerous, as the exploit allowed it to easily move laterally from one machine to another within a network.

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How to Guard Your Data From Ransomware?


“How can I protect the data from ransomware-related encryption?” — is a common present-day's question, since Ransomware became a widely spread virus family that blocks access to your files in exchange for a ransom.

Today we are going to reveal a backup-related solution to protect your data from cryptolocking and ransomware.
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