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Support for Backup of Exchange Databases from DAG in CloudBerry Backup 5.4

CloudBerry Backup 5.4 features a number of new long-awaited improvements. Among them is support for backup of Microsoft Exchange databases from passively-configured servers in the DAG cluster. Read on to learn how to utilize the new feature in our flagship backup solution.
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Getting Started with Image Based Backups Using B2 Cloud Storage by Backblaze

CloudBerry Backup supports a broad range of cloud storage providers and one of them is Backblaze. In this guide we are going to explain how to create an image based backup using a B2 Cloud Storage as a cloud repository. Of course, we will also explain a restoration process.

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How to Exclude Files and Folders in Image-based Backup

The new CloudBerry Backup 5.1 has a lot of improvements in image based backups. One of the helpful features is the ability to exclude files and folders from a backup. Moreover, you can even exclude files during a restoration sessions, thus making process more flexible. Below you can find out more.

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Introducing CloudBerry Backup 5.1 with Image-Based Backup Enhancements

We are glad to introduce the updated CloudBerry Backup 5.1 with some great features included. We implemented a possibility to exclude files from image-based backup and you can now resize NTFS partitions during image-based restoration.

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How to Backup on Windows Server Core with CloudBerry Backup

This post applies to CloudBerry Backup 4.0 and later.

Windows Server 2012 Core Edition saves computing resources of the machine by cutting down such features as graphical user interface and inessential services. Nevertheless, user data still needs to be kept safe. In this post we will find out how to install and configure CloudBerry Backup on Windows Server Core. Continue reading

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Choosing Restore Type


Every app and data sometimes get corrupted, serious disasters are also possible (thankfully, much more rarely). While you read our blog, you probably do backups to protect the business in such cases. But since backup scenarios are different, there are significant differences in restoration. Let’s discuss possible ways to restore the data access using cloud systems and summarize their pros and cons.
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How to Restore to Azure VM Using CloudBerry Backup

This post applies to CloudBerry Backup 4.9 and later.

It became possible to create image-level server backups in Cloudberry Backup long ago and this feature has been regularly updated. However, restore options that are not restricted just by the source server are even more interesting. For instance, you can deploy the image on a third party cloud storage, e.g. Azure VM. Let’s go to the heart of the matter.

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CloudBerry Backup for Synology Now Supports Microsoft Azure and OpenStack

This post applies to CloudBerry Backup for Synology 1.5 and later.

We'd like to inform that CloudBerry Backup for Synology 1.5 now supports Microsoft Azure Blob and OpenStack storage along with Amazon S3. To get started with CloudBerry Backup for Synology, check out our blog.

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