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New CloudBerry Backup for NAS products: QNAP and Synology


We are glad to announce that our new CloudBerry Backup for QNAP and CloudBerry Backup for Synology now support the following cloud storage services: Amazon S3 (China), Backblaze B2 and a number of other S3-compatible storage providers. Also for Amazon S3 we now support new US East (Ohio) region and S3 Transfer Acceleration. For Google Cloud you now have the ability to use new Coldline Storage. Continue reading

Introducing CloudBerry Backup for Linux 1.8

We are constantly working on our Linux cloud backup solution and the new version 1.8 is now ready to download! There are some GUI and under-the-hood improvements, alongside with support of S3 compatible cloud storage, Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration and Amazon S3 China region.  Continue reading

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration Explained

Cloud world standards constantly become more demanding and high upload rates become a must, especially in business analytics and other real-time data processing areas. Being the world's leading provider of cloud solutions, Amazon Web Services intends to meet this challenge. So, a feature ensuring faster data transfer called Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration was added to Amazon S3.
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