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How to Configure Live Streaming Using Amazon CloudFront With CloudBerry S3 Explorer

Now you can leverage CloudFront for live streaming with the Adobe FMS EC2 AMI serving as the origin/ingest server. The newer version of CloudBerry Explorer helps you make all necessary configurations.

With the version 2.7.4, we have extended CloudFront Distribution Wizard with the Live HTTP Streaming option. Continue reading

How to Configure Amazon CloudFront Streaming Log with CloudBerry Explorer

Amazon CloudFront has been offering access logs for HTTP distributions for quite some time. Now this feature is extended to work with streaming distributions as well. Amazon team has designed CloudFront access logs for streaming to work in a very similar fashion to the existing access logs for HTTP distributions. Continue reading

How to Configure Private Content for CloudFront Streaming with CloudBerry S3 Explorer

The CloudFront team recently introduced a set of features that would allow you to secure content streamed through Amazon CloudFront. Private content features for streaming distributions give customers more control over who can and who cannot view content streamed with the service. Continue reading

How to configure CloudFront Streaming Distributions with CloudBerry S3 Explorer

Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Explorer 1.7.2 and later.

Amazon CloudFront’s new streaming feature allows you to stream your content directly from Amazon s3 bucket. The new version of CloudBerry Explorer helps to configure a streaming distribution and generate URLs for streaming content as well as HTML code for your video player. Continue reading