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Amazon S3 Masterclass from A Cloud Guru – Free Offer for CloudBerry Customers

CloudBerry partners with A Cloud Guru

CloudBerry Lab™ is excited to announce a partnership with A Cloud Guru (ACG), the training portal dedicated to cloud technologies. ACG has developed a training course about Amazon S3 with an embedded lab that explains how CloudBerry Backup can enhance your Amazon S3 experience.

Special Offer: Get the Course for Free*

The offer expires on April 25th, 2017

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Linux Academy Video Course: AWS Backup Strategies

CloudBerry Lab announces a partnership with Linux Academy. Together we've prepared a 2-hour course devoted to AWS backup strategies that will be helpful for IT-professionals and managed service providers. CloudBerry Lab customers can sign up for community edition at Linux Academy to access the course free of charge.

About the Course

This course looks at various backup options and strategies on the AWS platform, with a focus on Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier. Understanding pricing models, security features and concepts, transfer speeds, and everything else involved in backup strategies is very important for both large and small businesses. We walk through some of the differences between traditional backups, and then we contrast that with cloud backups. At the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of how to create and implement backup strategies with Amazon Web Services.

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*Signup for community edition to access the course for free

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