Top Remote Management Tools for Mac

The wonders of our modern world are things that never cease to amaze us. We steadily evolved from a time when keeping in touch with people across cities was a tough task to now, when a mere call using the Skype app can help us see the faces of our loved ones. In today’s day and age with the advent of laptops, we have wondrous applications at our disposal to make things even easier for us.

One such application which we’re going to discuss today is a remote management tool for our laptops. To be able to handle your laptop or troubleshoot some minor issues of laptops that belong to your relatives or friends from afar would be a boon, wouldn’t it? Well, here’s a piece of information for you! With a good desktop remote application, this too is a possibility! Yes, you read correctly.

You may now access your laptop from afar with the help of remote management tools. In today’s article, we will go on to discuss the various aspects that come with the top remote management tools for Mac. If you get any one of these tools, you will be able to accomplish something that wasn’t even thought of a couple of years back!


This application supports various systems from Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and it goes without saying that it supports MAC as well! It provides you with remote management as well as remote support for in most cases, the remote side doesn’t need to set up before you begin the connection. Features such as wake-on-LAN which ensure that a sleeping computer is awoken as well as put to sleep when required is provided by Teamviewer. Other features including clipboard passthrough, file transfer capabilities, support to provide connection between phones, tablets, etc. also come with this tool. It even provides sessions or online meetings to which many people may connect to when required.

What probably serves as the cherry to this cake is that all of the incredible features that have been mentioned are absolutely free. Another startling feature that it boasts of is that it is quite capable of managing many systems from a singular computer without having to enforce numerous firewalls and deal with all of the usual complications. Lastly, the setup of Teamviewer is incredibly easy and has far too many features than you’ll probably ever need.


The matter of VNC or Virtual Network Computing is a bit more complicated than the others for it is more of a platform than a particular product. MAC OS X falls under the long list of systems that it is easily compatible with. The manner in which it works is that it sends mouse and keyboard actions to the remote computer you wish to access.

Features such as file transfer, sync, clipboard sync are features that may or may not be at your disposal depending upon which software is used by you. Since VNC is a mere protocol, you can easily resort to connecting it with a person using your phone while using another server at home using your computer.  

A very important aspect of VNC that you cannot blind sight is that while it is easy to use, it can be tricky to set up in the correct manner which ensures minimal latency. If rightly connected, it overcomes the firewall you might have activated at home as well. The VNC providers you might resort to are RealVNC, TightVNC, UltaVNC etc.


This tool mainly supports Windows, OS X, Linux and MAC. It has its own pros and cons which we will go on discuss soon. For starters, it is free for uses both commercial as well as personal. As is apparent from the name of the tool, it is essential that you install it in Chrome to connect with it. The list of qualities that make it unique are that it is extremely easy to set up, very fast and happens to run in your browser.

If you’re looking to avail the additional features that it might have, you are in for a surprise for they don’t have much of that. If, however, you’re looking to access your files or do some troubleshooting cross platform, this is ideal for you. However, you must remember that this tool is far from being perfect for it lacks in having mobile applications to support it. Multiple displays don’t work smoothly and don’t even think of features such as wake-on-LAN, streaming etc. Although, you must remember that for great connection with remote computers or randomized pins and for being able to offer remote assistance, the Chrome Remote Desktop is ideal.


It is very obvious from the very name of this tool that it is available on MAC. They give their users the ability to access whichever files they need, to troubleshoot any issues, to work with files or any such applications, to connect from any place that they wish to, depending upon their situation, such as, from a remote device etc. What makes this tool slightly more complicated than what you might anticipate is that you get complete remote management instead of just remote access.

You also get to support a remote computer, install software, manage the users and get to update the software. Once it is set up, nothing else is required. Moreover, if you’re wondering about troubleshooting, management and the manner in which you might access files, all you have to do is use the tons of features you will have at your disposal. This is a tool that is highly recommended by Apple users and hence is something you must necessarily check out before you finally decide upon the tool you want.


Splashtop too is a remote desktop tool that supports OS X, Android, iOS, Windows and thereby supports MAC as well. It is free for your own use in a maximum of five computers (which depends on how it is used). What is a very interesting feature in Splashtop is that with it, you will be able to stream video and audio easily with minimal latency.

This is great news for the ones who love to swipe out their tablets, phones to watch movies at any time whatsoever. With this tool you will be able to watch the movies stored in your desktop on your tablet or other device easily without having to deal with compatibility issues of any kind. A bit of a disadvantage which you have to deal with is that when remote access is actually needed by the user, it starts getting a little too pricey. With rates of $2/month, you will be able to avail this offer by accessing your PC or someone else’s PC from afar. This is a tool that comes with both pros and cons and does deserve a look into before you make your final decision.

The tools listed here are a few of top remote management tools for MAC that you should check out before settling upon the perfect one to suit your purpose. Pick the right one and enjoy remote access to someone else’s system! Or let others get access to your system in case you face some issues.  

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