CloudBerry S3 Explorer vs Bucket Explorer

There are a number of choices when it comes to Amazon S3 buckets management. Let’s compare two file managers: CloudBerry S3 Explorer and Bucket Explorer. Both have a similar use case to help developers and personal users to explore and manage Amazon S3 buckets, but with different features.

CloudBerry S3 Explorer Bucket Explorer
Bucket Policy and ACL Editor
AWS Import/Export Support
Client Side Encryption PRO version
Server Side Encryption and SSE-C Support
Multithreading and Multi-Part upload
Security Assessment Report
Mac/Linux support
Freeware version
Price for Pro edition $39.99 $69.99
Licensing Perpetual per computer $39.99 per year
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User experience

Both file managers allow you to easily store and organize data within Amazon S3 buckets and Amazon Glacier vaults. CloudBerry Explorer provides its’ users with an option to leverage the PowerShell and Command Line Interface for automation within both freeware and Pro licenses. To use a command line interface in Bucket Explorer, you have to obtain a standalone Bucket Commander license first.

CloudBerry S3 Explorer uses tabs that help you to simply copy objects from Amazon S3 buckets to the cloud of your choice within one window. By contrast, Bucket Explorer doesn’t allow its users to directly copy data from cloud to cloud (there are local drives only within one panel) and it also can't help you with IAM policy editing.

Bucket Explorer's last update was in 2013 and CloudBerry S3 Explorer updates systematically.


Both managers have server side encryption and SSE-C support, but CloudBerry Explorer also provides a client side encryption in a Pro version. Compression is not available through Bucket Explorer but is a feature to help CloudBerry Explorer Pro users manage storage capacity. It also provides users with a Security Assessment Report to quickly determine buckets with public access.

PC/Mac support

Bucket Explorer has an advantage, since it supports Amazon S3 client for the Mac. CloudBerry S3 Explorer is Windows only, but does have a Mac version on its development roadmap.

Pricing & Licensing

CloudBerry S3 Explorer comes in both freeware and pro versions. The Pro version offers some advanced features such as encryption, compression, multithreading and others for a one-time payment of $39.99. The Bucket Explorer has a 30 day trial period. At the end of the this period you should buy a license key for $69.99. It also needs an upgrade for $39.99 each year per license.

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CloudBerry Explorer

Explorer image
  • Manage data in Amazon S3 buckets
  • Amazon Glacier support
  • Work with IAM Policies
  • Encryption and Compression
  • PowerShell Snap-in and Command Line interface
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