Customer Testimonials

We have been successfully using Cloudberry products since early 2013 and are very happy with the results. Cloudberry has brought us high level management tools, very easy deployment and straight forward management so we can grow our cloud services. Thank you Cloudberry for your support and we look forward to a long and continued relationship.

Brad McDermith, CEO at Computer Options, Inc., Redlands, CA

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new bandwidth throttle scheduler! That new feature - plus major recent upgrades like block-level backup of any file size and continuous backup - allows me to finally, confidently do away with my main backup method (Mozy Pro). Hope you guys get HUGE press coverage. You're setting a new standard in easy and affordable online backup for the average person out here. Way to go!!"

Steven Shields

"We originally tested many backup solutions before we settled on Cloudberry backup server plus software - its way of organizing the backup data is far superior in my opinion. We have not had to restore until now, so I have never been through the process. I loaded the appropriate bucket, the new server has the same host name as the previous one, choose restore, selected everything to its original location, and supplied the decryption key. Perfect. Took me 5 minutes and the computer another 2 hours on its own and we had all 10GBs of data back. Thanks guys! "

"I was always really terrible about backing up my laptop, but the CloudBerry Backup does it so smoothly and without ever interrupting what I'm doing -- I've never experienced that with any other backup software before."

"Without a doubt, CloudBerry S3 Explorer is the best Amazon S3 management application on the market. The Pro version is absolutely worth the $40 which is why I am giving the software a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. "

"CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 is excellent! All movements and usage of the functions in the application feels extremly distinct. It's like driving an expensive sport version of a BMW. I have not experienced even one little glitch/malfunction. It is simply excellent!"

Fredrik Ekelund

"We have started using CloudBerry Explorer, feedback from everyone has been completely positive and we prefer it over using other S3 tools. Uploading files with CB Explorer also seems faster than with other S3 tools as well :-) The Powershell cmdlets are also quite handy – one team member was playing with CB Explorer was about to write some cmdlets for his own use so that saved him some time."

"With CloudBerry Explorer you can easily say that your Rackspace Cloud Files Web Portal is on steroids. Its easy and straightforward to administer your Rackspace Cloud Files"

"I incredibly appreciate CloudBerry Explorer as it is far superior to any other S3 management tool I've used. Thanks and keep up the work on this great product!"

Calvin Freitas, Software Engineer

"I love your software - I have been using another Amazon S3 client but that was before I spent some time with Cloudberry Explorer. Now I am hooked. Cloudberry Explorer offers so much more."

Steve Dougherty , Video Producer

"I downloaded the free version of CloudBerry because I was unable to create a bucketin in another S3 client. After watching 2 videos, I've got my bucket. You have no idea how grateful and appreciative I am to have access to software that works and for which there are tutorials that are simple and understandable. I would definitely consider purchasing your Pro version."

Terry Lee, Bay Video Marketing

"We switched to Cloudberry Explorer on all developer machines and are very happy with that decision since it is a great tool which unfolds the full potential of Amazons storage solutions."

Zalt Woo, Chilp Media Group

"I really love the application, the core functionality currently on offer is solid and the GUI is miles ahead of the others! I love using CloudBerry Explorer. "

Matt F

"I have several blogs and use Amazon S3 service to host my pictures, videos and other files. Before, moving files to S3 was not an easy task but with CloudBerry Explorer I can do it with a couple mouse clicks! I am amazed by the abundance of features and ease of use. CloudBerry Explorer is far superior to any other Amazon S3 clients. "

Evgeny Pavlov, Blogger