Dragondisk vs CloudBerry S3 Explorer

When it comes to data management, users seek for a powerful yet affordable solution. Below is a side-by-side comparison of Dragondisk and CloudBerry S3 Explorer. Though both tools have a similar use case, to help individual users and developers store and manage data within Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage services, their features are slightly different. Let’s have a look at a full comparison table first.

Dragondisk Cloudberry S3 Explorer Free Cloudberry S3 Explorer Pro
Clouds Supported 8 20+ 20+
S3 Standard IA Support
Drag and Drop
Client Side Encryption
FTP/SFTP Support
CloudFront Support
Upload Rules
AWS Import/Export Support
IAM Manager
Multipart Upload and Multithreading
Pricing Free Free $29.99
Licensing Permanent
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User Experience and Cloud Vendors Support

Both CloudBerry S3 Explorer and Dragondisk have two pane interface to make data management more efficient and simple. CloudBerry S3 Explorer uses classic total-commander-style panes, where the user can open the local file system in one pane and cloud storage folder in another and transfer data via drag and drop. With CloudBerry S3 Explorer users can open and edit files from the cloud by double-clicking on them - the application will upload the changes to the file automatically once it is saved. Dragondisk users have to upload modified files manually.

CloudBerry S3 Explorer supports more than 20 S3 compatible cloud storage providers whereas Dragondisk limits supports only eight.

Lifecycle Policy

CloudBerry S3 Explorer allows to set the lifecycle for any object in the cloud. Simply put, the user can let the application automatically delete unnecessary data or transfer it to the Amazon S3 Standard I/A or Amazon Glacier storage class at a designated time to reduce storage costs. Dragondisk doesn’t have such a feature built-in, so its users have to manage the data manually.

AWS Import/Export

CloudBerry S3 Explorer users can benefit from an AWS Import/Export feature by transferring large amounts of data from or onto physical storage appliances. Amazon uses its own high-speed internal network and bypasses the Internet to speed up the process. Dragondisk doesn’t support the import/export feature, so its users have to upload and download all files via the Internet which may lead to additional costs if the user is charged for the Internet based on badwidth usage. An alternative would be to save the data to hard drives and have Amazon upload them manually for AWS Import/Export service, but very often it is nowhere near as convenient as using the built-in Import/Export feature.

IAM User Management

IAM policy manager allows setting up permissions for Amazon users by creating policies via JSON and attaching them to a specific user or a group of users. CloudBerry S3 Explorer Pro simplifies the process with pre-written scripts, that user can choose from. IAM manager is not supported by Dragondisk and CloudBerry S3 Explorer freeware.


CloudBerry S3 Explorer has one more feature that can’t be found in Dragondisk — Security Assessment Report. It shows the user all cloud folders that allow public access at the moment. As for other security measures, CloudBerry S3 Explorer supports server-side encryption in the freeware version and adds client-side encryption options in the Pro version.

Pricing & Licensing

CloudBerry S3 Explorer comes as a freeware and PRO version with extended features and more tools. The price for a permanent pro license for one computer is as low as $29.99. Dragondisk comes free of charge and has a permanent license both for private and corporate use.

We encourage our users not to take anything on trust. Try CloudBerry S3 Explorer and Dragondisk for free and see if some will help you to manage the data within cloud storage and overall improve your cloud storage experience.

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CloudBerry Explorer

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  • Manage data in Amazon S3 buckets
  • Amazon Glacier support
  • Work with IAM Policies
  • Encryption and Compression
  • PowerShell Snap-in and Command Line interface
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