Jungle Disk vs CloudBerry Backup

Backing up your files to a cloud storage is an affordable and easy way to save essential data off-site, but to choose of cloud backup solutions is tough. In this article, we compared CloudBerry Backup with Jungle Disk to help you quickly evaluate weak and strong aspects of each solution.

First of all, look at the comparison sheet below.

Jungle Disk Workstation CloudBerry Backup Desktop
Amazon S3 Support
Amazon Glacier Support
Rackspace Support
S3 compatible Support
FTP/SFTP Support
File System Backup
Client Side Encryption
Bandwidth Throttling Schedule
Backup Consistency Check
Versioning and Lifecycle
AWS Import/Export Support
Mac/Linux Support
Email Notifications
Freeware/Trial Version
One Year License per Computer Cost $48 $29.99
Licensing Monthly Permanent
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User Experience

Both solutions allow individual users and developers to backup essential data by sending it to the cloud storage. Once you installed CloudBerry Backup you offered a few predefined backup plans and a step-by-step wizard to set up a new backup plan. You can choose what cloud storage you want to use as a backup destination from 20+ supported vendors. To use Amazon S3 as a destination storage, you should specify AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key in the wizard. Once it’s done you can apply this account to each backup plan without need to re-enter account credentials.

Amazon S3 account setup cloudberry backup

By contrast, setting up a new backup plan to Amazon S3 with Jungle Disk is complicated. User must specify what to backup first, then register Amazon S3 account by entering Access Key and Secret Access Key on a web console, wait up to five minutes for changes to take effect, mount S3 bucket as a local drive and start a backup. You also should prepare to outreach technical support since Jungle Disk doesn’t describe this process properly in its walkthroughs.

Amazon S3 Support

If Amazon S3 bucket is selected as a destination folder, CloudBerry Backup allows creating bucket in Amazon S3 and meanwhile set Standard I/A storage class from within the backup wizard. This helps administrators to decrease backup storage costs and store infrequently accessed data. User can also add object lifecycle to reduce storage costs and choose backup type, all is done through the default app interface.

storage classes cloudberry backup wizard

With Jungle Disk user can only mount Backup Vault as a drive volume through the web console and there’s no wizard to help. Wide using of web console in Jungle Disk also means that user may be unable to communicate with the console and configure backup settings, if the website is offline.

Cloud Backup Speed Test

To perform this brief test I used my personal desktop PC with Windows 8 operating system installed, connection speed test is attached below:

speedtest screenshot for backup speed test

The volume of data set prepared for this test is 1.50 GB and these are .exe, .jpg, .pdf and .docx file types representing average user personal data. Backups were started sequentially.

As a result, it took an hour and a half for Jungle Disk to backup this set of data to Amazon S3 Standard storage, while CloudBerry Backup finished the same task in approximately 23 minutes. Jungle Disk backs up files in two steps: at first sends data to the temporary local storage and then sends it to the cloud. CloudBerry Backup sends the whole data set directly to the cloud storage, that can sufficiently speeds up the backup process.

Pricing and Licensing

And last, but definitely not least point of comparison is the price. CloudBerry Desktop Backup is freeware and has a perpetual license for non-commercial use. Free version may be later upgraded to a Pro version with Encryption and Compression included. Permanent Pro license per computer would cost user $29.99.

Jungle Disk costs users $4 per month which equals to $48 per year of ownership per computer. There’s no trial or freeware version for testing before the purchase.

Summarizing all points above CloudBerry Backup exceeds Jungle Disk in three ways:

It backs up data directly to the cloud providing robust backup to the cloud storage. And performed better during my brief backup speed test (see results above).

It has step-by-step wizard that allows setting up Amazon S3 Standard, Amazon Standard I/A and Amazon Glacier storage classes for each backed up folder and helps user to easily set up a new backup plan.

It is a client-based software that doesn’t depend on online console and has a freeware version.

Compare Jungle Disk to CloudBerry Backup by yourself — try CloudBerry Desktop Backup free of charge.

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CloudBerry Backup

Backup image
  • Multiple Cloud Storage Support
  • Bandwidth Throttling Schedule
  • AWS Import/Export Support
  • Email Notifications
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