Automate Service Providers’ User Lists, Billing and Support Tickets

CloudBerry Managed Backup Service is fully integrated with Autotask, a complete, cloud-based IT business management platform. With Autotask’s professional services automation (PSA) solution, CloudBerry service provider partners can automate customer management for backup services, including user lists, billing and support tickets.
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Integration with Autotask allows CloudBerry MBS customers to:

  • Import Autotask Contacts to Managed Backup Service
  • Create Autotask Ticket for Failed Plans
  • Send Billing Statistics to Autotask

Get started with CloudBerry MBS & Autotask PSA integration

Managed Backup Service is now integrated with Autotask.This makes it possible to import all of the contacts from your Autotask platform into Managed Backup Service.

  1. Log in to Managed Backup Service Control Panel.
  2. Go to Autotask tab.
  3. Enter your Autotask integration credentials (User Name and Password) and click "Save" button.
  4. Click "Get Autotask Contacts" button to get Autotask contacts.
  5. To import Autotask contacts to Managed Backup Service, use a check box near a contact to select it and click Import Contacts.
  6. Click Import Contacts button above the list of contacts to import the selected contacts.