Automate User Lists, Billing and Support Tickets with ConnectWise

The integration will allow ConnectWise users to import contacts into CloudBerry Managed Backup and be notified automatically of any backup/restore failures.

Additionally, solution providers using ConnectWise will benefit from having backup billing details in one centralized location, along with data from the ConnectWise platform, to offer customers true unified billing.

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Integration with ConnectWise allows CloudBerry MBS customers to:

  • Import ConnectWise Contacts to Managed Backup Service
  • Create ConnectWise Ticket for Failed Plans
  • Send Billing Statistics to ConnectWise

Get started with CloudBerry MBS & ConnectWise integration

  1. Launch ConnectWise Client application, enter your ConnectWise credentials.
  2. Go to System then select Setup Tables in the left hand menu.
  3. Find Integrator Login table, then click Integrator Login link to view Integrator Login list.
  4. Click New Item icon to create a new Integrator Login, enter Username and Password.
  5. Select Access Level as All records, enable Contact API, Company API, Product API and Managed Services API in Enable Available API(s) list.