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Grapevine Telecom Grows its Margin by 66% with CloudBerry Managed Backup Cloudberry is the most flexible, cost effective, and easy-to-use product on the market Mark Newton
Principal IT Consultant of Grapevine Telecom
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East Coast Technical Services Reduces Cloud Backup Costs by Migrating from Mozy PRO to CloudBerry Managed Backup with Google Nearline Support I liked the idea of using CloudBerry Managed Backup as the front end because of its ability to let me pick and choose from among many supported cloud storage providers. It is much better than being locked in to one provider for everything, with zero flexibility Joel Carson
the founder of East Coast Technical Services
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Marcus Networking leaves Intronis and grows its margin by 400% with CloudBerry Managed Backup Our company migrated 35TB in only a few weeks and are now loving it. So, don’t be afraid, make a switch! Eric Marcus
the founder of Marcus Networking
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Computer Options Slashes Costs by 25% after switching from Intronis to CloudBerry Managed Backup CloudBerry feels a lot safer. It is designed with careful thought to eliminate possibilities of mistakes Brad McDermith
CEO of Computer Options
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CGIAR empowers mobile workers by ensuring data backup and availability even in field locations with CloudBerry Managed Backup The major difference between CloudBerry Managed Backup and other service providers is ease of setup, good customer follow up and support! Rosemary Kande
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СТ-Anderson switched to CloudBerry Managed Backup from JungleDisk to offer unlimited cloud storage Instead of renting a client 50GB of storage, we now simply tell him “We’ll backup all your files! Chip Reaves
President of CT-Anderson
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Galveston Computer Solutions tackles natural disasters while cutting backup service costs by 85% with CloudBerry Managed Backup CloudBerry Managed Backup is a must for anyone in IT service business. The software is dependable, the reporting is excellent, and you pay as you grow.” Steve Burdick
President of Galveston Computer Solutions
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Sauvegardez-vous solutions technologiques encourages Québec small businesses to shift from local to cloud backup with CloudBerry Managed Backup I couldn’t resist laughing when a client told me he already has a backup — a copy of his hard drive to another. It was high time we introduced cloud backup to small businesses and made money on it. Jean-Sébastien St-Amour
IT Director of Sauvegardez-vous solutions technologiques
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BootUp PC significantly improves customers’ satisfaction by shifting from Livedrive to CloudBerry Managed Backup CloudBerry helped me to become an efficient service provider and gain more confidence in selling cloud backup. It made me sleep at night knowing that I don’t rely on some backup that no one even knows if it is running. Spencer Blackaller
Director and owner of BootUp PC
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Link Up Technologies generates 3-times more margin after switching from iBackup to CloudBerry Managed Backup If it’s not reliable, then it’s not sellable. CloudBerry Lab fits the bill for both reliability and margin potential. Manny Aguiar
President of Link Up Technologies
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The PC Wizard drops costs by 40% switching to CloudBerry Lab If you want to be able to offer your clients a flexible and affordable backup service that has excellent remote management capability then look no further. Steve Putnam
Director of Consulting, The PC Wizard
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PRG Technology Solutions drives SMBs to the cloud with CloudBerry Managed Online Backup There is no reason why online data backup should not be a critical element of all SMBs’ Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans today Taylor M. Cherry
Director of Consulting, PRG Technology Solutions
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NEM-IT Solutions Chooses CloudBerry Managed Backup to Replace Ahsay No comparison is worthy for CloudBerry here - software is 100% easier to use than Ahsay. So far my experience have been pretty ok and CloudBerry Lab is doing a great job. Ulrik Holm Nielsen
CEO at NEM IT-solutions
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Kumo Meets Customer's Demand for Cloud Backup with CloudBerry Managed Backup and Cloudian CloudBerry Managed Backup is simply the fastest, easiest and better working solution on the market to offer backup in the cloud. Juan Gomez, Co-Founder at Kumo Read the story
Managed Backup Service with Azure Cloud Storage We wanted to use Windows Azure public cloud storage and first criteria was product’s compatibility with this cloud storage. We are Microsoft partners and get $100 of Azure services each month for free, so it makes financial sense to use Azure. Another very important criteria was reliability of the product itself and ability to rebrand the solution. Paulo Henrique Machado, WRPD Informática, CEO Read the story
Microsoft Partner Utilizes Windows Azure to Provide Cloud Backup Service We considered many other products, for instance Mozy Pro, however we chose CloudBerry Managed Backup. Our first impression was well laid out portal and the client software installed easily and was easy to configure. We saw the major differences with other products in ability to rebrand, manage the storage space ourselves and reliability of the product. Mark Thompson, ThompsonCL CEO Read the story
Neotech Networks adds cloud backup to its MSP’s portfolio. Most of the BDR solutions out there are for consumers, with CloudBerry you can offer your clients a reliable business IT solution that gives you full control over! Steve Dempsey, Neotech Networks CEO Read the story
Data Dynamics meets market demand for cloud backup with CloudBerry Lab and Connectria We also considered Carbonite, Dragon Disk, Cloud Drive, Dell Online Backup, but we chose CloudBerry’s Managed Backup Service, because it was easy and efficient and fit very well into all the criteria we had plus our overall pricing strategy as a Managed Service Provider. Saeed Akbani, Data Dynamics CEO Read the story
J&W Informática – Efforti started new era for its business with online backups We started selling backup using rebranded software from Ahsay. We had 3 dedicated servers and we used their hard disks for backups. We had a limited way to scale and three expensive physical servers to manage. When we started to seek other options, we considered RackSpace with its JungleDisk, and Carbonite, however we were not satisfied with these solutions. Cesar Peres, IT and Software Project Manager at J&W Informática Read the story
XPO networks Helps SMBs to Replace Tape Backups with Reliable Cloud Backup We were looking for a reliable business-class remote backup service to replace tape backups - because many clients fail to change tapes routinely and take tapes offsite. When we were looking for a solution, the main criteria were performance, price and reliability. Among others, we tested Carbonite and Mozy Pro prior to selecting CloudBerry Managed Backup Service. Bruce Williams, President at XPO networks Read the story
How Contango IT Generates Margins with Managed Backup Service Contango IT evaluated several online backup solutions, but chose CloudBerry Managed Backup because it worked and for its technology, functionality and ability to store data on Amazon S3. Danny Mizrahi, CEO at Contango IT Read the story
Byte Solutions Lowered Backup Cost, Management Time and Doubled Customer Base The products work well, has an excellent price point, Using Amazon storage lets us be competitive and make a nice profit margin. We have doubled our customer base and storage mainly due to the lower cost we are able to offer customers. Our management time has gone down. Gary Herbstman, Byte Solutions owner Read the story
Cara Networks Reduced Labor Costs by 50% with Managed Backup Service Originally the company was doing tape or/and external drive backups. It became obvious that the approach does not provide easy management and monitoring capabilities and involves lots of resources to maintain, when Dan Walker from Cara Networks decided to switch all the clients to cloud backup service.
"No more changing tapes and people forgetting to do it on site, no more dirty tapes, but with the security of offsite backups[CloudBerry Managed Backup]. Try it! It works for Cara."
Dan Walker, Cara Networks Read the story

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