Automate Remote Software Deployment, Configuration, and Uninstallation with LabTech

LabTech is the industry-leading IT automation software designed to allow you to automate any IT task to improve your IT services.

On our part, we have developed a plugin that neatly integrates with LabTech’s software and enables you to perform automated remote deployment, configuration, and uninstallation of our backup agent.

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  • Windows 7 or later
  • .NET 4.0
  • Labtech Control Center 10.5 or higher
  • HTTPS connectivity to the LabTech server

Essentially, the plugin consists of 2 pieces: a lab tech script and a dll library. Both of these files can be downloaded from our website.


First you import the script and only then the library. Under Tools, point the cursor to Import and click LT XML expansion.

A pop-up window will prompt you to select the file. Do so and click Open.

Now let's do the same for the dll library. Under Help, click Plugin Manager.

Under Advanced, point to Manage Plugins and click Add Plugin.

Select the library and click Open.

Having added the library, go ahead and enable it by right-clicking on it in the list and clicking Enable.

Next step is to sign in to the Managed Backup Server. On the mail toolbar, click Dashboard.

Under Config, under Integration, select Managed Backup. Here you need to specify your (provider's) credentials that can be generated on the MBS Web Console. Above the login text field is the link to an article that explains how to do just that. Be sure to read it and, when you've generated the required credentials, enter them into the login & password text fields and click Log In.

In a short while the plugin will be registered, and you will be notified of that. Close the Dashboard.

Now that the plugin has been installed and registered, let's proceed to actually deploy the software. Select the required computer in the Navigation Tree sidebar and click on it twice.

The Computer Management Screen will appear. On the Settings tab you should see a tile entitled precisely like your company's name on the MBS Web Console. Click on it.

Proceed to install the backup agent by specifying the required software edition in the drop-down menu (automatically fetched from the MBS Web Console). You could also optionally specify the user's credentials.

The installation process wil begin. In fact, you can close the window, and the process will continue running in the background while you proceed to install our backup agent on other computers.

To get a more visual look at the installation process, feel free to watch our video tutorial.