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3 Easy Steps for MSP to Sell Managed Backup

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Three easy steps for MSP to sell managed backup

For some mysterious reason, selling backup to the customers is still not an obvious and easy task. Further we will discuss, what techniques should be undertaken to simplify the selling process. And which ones you should avoid. 

How to NOT Sell Backup-as-a-Service

Being an expert in MSP backup you understand the necessity of the service and how it helps your clients in their daily tasks. But be ready that for most of your clients the situation is not the same. If you start discussing with your client different technical details like storage options, ways of recovering data, etc., most likely it would it would make him confused and eventually, he just won't buy anything. Unless your client is engaged in IT anyhow, it all would be just empty talk for him.

Of course, it is much easier to sell MSP backup to existing customers than to the new ones. But still, don't expect it to be as easy as 1-2-3.

Here are some tips for an MSP on how to sell managed backup services to the clients.

Step #1. Don’t Sell Features, Sell the Value

First, you should understand that this is not the backup itself that your clients need, but the conveniences that it gives them. So the first thing you need to do is to explain in a simple way what the backup is and outline the benefits that it gives.

Highlight your client’s pain points: stability, low cost, high SLA. Remember the most important thing: they don’t want to think of the infrastructure at all.

So don’t offer the backup itself while selling managed backup to your client. Instead, offer them their business stability. Don’t ask “want to backup your servers?”. Ask “How will 3 hours of downtime impact your business?”

Of course, the technical details should be discussed as well, but raise this question closer to the end. Remember that this the last thing that your client is interested in.

Step #2. Define All the Options for Your Service

What technical details should be discussed?

After you have convinced your client of the necessity of the managed backup services, negotiate all the technical points of the backup:

  • What data to protect, which data is most critical.
  • How often backup should be made: once a week, once a day, once an hour. Perhaps, for some of the tasks, the real-time backup would be needed as well.
  • Where data will be stored: in the cloud, on-premises or both.
  • How quickly data should be recovered.
  • Pricing options.

Step #3. Give them the Special Offer and Set Up a Deadline

Even when all the details are discussed and all the agreements are set, the client may still be in doubt. This is where you can offer him a discount and set up a deadline. E.g. he can pay 30% less of the negotiated price for the first month if he sends the money in the nearest 3 days.

But never, never offer the discount in the beginning. If you do so, the client will think more of saving money and not of solving his business problems. Use it as the last way of convincing the client to accept the managed backup service.


So these are the 3 major tips that can help MSP to sell managed backup services to his clients.

Don't focus on the service, instead talk more about the value that your client gains with it. Discuss your client’s business and how the downtime will affect it.

Keep the offer as simple as possible and offer a discount only if it is the last way to keep the client.

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