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Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration in CloudBerry Backup

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Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Backup 4.8.2 and later.

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration is a new built-in feature of Amazon S3. When enabled, it speeds up the data exchange with this bucket up to 6 times. So this feature was added to CloudBerry solutions at once after it was released by Amazon. Here we are going to explain how to enable it in CloudBerry Backup. 

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration is supported in CloudBerry Backup 4.8.2 and newer, so you should update the product before could try the new prospects. Data transfer acceleration can be enabled for a single S3 bucket and it is possible to enable the feature for an existing S3 bucket directly from CloudBerry Backup.

Here is how:

  1. Open CloudBerry Backup storage accounts settings via Welcome pane - Total Overview. Choose Amazon S3 storage account and press Edit.
  2. In the Amazon S3 Account window press Advanced settings.
  3. Just click on Use S3 Accelerate checkbox and you are done!

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration

Note: Additional charges may apply when using Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration. For accelerating data transfers IN to Amazon S3 from the Internet, prices are $ 0,04/GB for edge locations in United States, Europe or Japan and $ 0,08/GB for all other locations. For data transfers OUT of Amazon S3 and between different AWS regions the price is $ 0,04/GB for all edge locations.

Before data transfer starts, AWS automatically tests if Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration can improve data transfer speed. If not, you will be charged regular data transfer cost


You can try CloudBerry Backup together with Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration for free. Just visit our products page, download CloudBerry Backup and tell us what do you think about the feature in the comments below!

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Published: by on Post Type: Categories: AWS, CloudBerry Backup
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