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Announcing the CloudBerry™ Forum!

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Since I started here at CloudBerry one of the questions I kept asking was “why don’t we have our own forum?” The answer was that we used to have a forum several years ago but that was before we had a lot of customers. Participation was low and it wasn’t deemed as a necessary resource at the time so the forum was closed. Now that we have tens of thousands of customers and we see questions come up in popular places like Reddit, Spiceworks, Server Fault and others, we feel it’s time to offer our customers a CloudBerry specific place to ask questions and get answers.

The Details is now live and ready for YOU to start participating. In this initial launch you will see that we’ve already started a few discussions with questions we’ve received for other sources. You’ll see these questions from users like “Reddit User”, Spiceworks User” and “Support Customer”. We wanted to be transparent in regards to where some of these questions a coming from and we’ll still add some of these discussions from time to time if the question is a good one that we feel our customers would benefit from. We’ve also added our FAQ’s from our website for each product so please check there as your question may already be answered. You can browse the forum without an account as a guest, but to participate you will need to register.

The default view when you enter the forums is the Category view. You’ll notice that we have created some initial categories by product and you can quickly select a category and see the discussions on that particular product. When you post a new discussion, you will be asked to provide a category, if none of the categories fit, please choose “General”.

In Closing…

We hope everyone can participate in the forum and we want our forum to be a place where our customers can go and get specific answers to questions they have about CloudBerry products. We still encourage people to use our support system for support related issues and we’ll still be participating in the other online discussions across multiple platforms.

As the forum evolves, we do envision adding “invite only” areas and categories for some of our most active users. We’re also working on a plan to setup a weekly email that will only go to those registered in our forum. This email will include technical information as well as other industry information. If you have feedback about the forum, please post it in the General category.

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