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CloudBerry Backup: 1-Click Upgrade

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CloudBerry Backup 5.9.4 simplifies Windows installations with the new 1-Click Upgrade feature.


Prior to release 5.9.4, CloudBerry Backup required that users manually update the application by downloading the newest release from the CloudBerry web site. When performing a version check, the app prompted the user to click on the Download button which opened the download page on the CloudBerry web site, required the user manually download the new installer, and then manually run the installer.

The following new and improved upgrade process (already available for CloudBerry Managed Backup users) is now available for CloudBerry Backup for Windows.

1-Click Upgrade in CloudBerry Backup 5.9.4

You can now upgrade CloudBerry Backup with a single click. When you check for updates and a newer version is available, CloudBerry Backup prompts you to download and install the new version automatically. That way, you can more quickly upgrade to the latest release.



To keep up-to-date with the newest functionality and fixes, it's crucial to install the latest updates. With release 5.9.4, the CloudBerry Backup update process can be completed much more quickly.