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CloudBerry Backup: Introducing Smart Delete Option

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CloudBerry S3 Backup is a powerful Windows backup and restores software that automates backup and restores processes to Amazon S3 cloud storage.
A while back we introduced an option to delete files automatically from the backup storage when they are deleted locally. We added this feature to match an increasing number of requests from our customers. However, this option is dangerous in that you can still delete a file accidentally on the local computer you won’t be able to recover from it as the file is deleted automatically from the backup storage too.
In the release 1.6, we are introducing a Smart Delete option that will keep files deleted locally on backup storage for 30 days by default and only after that will it delete the files on backup storage. Here is a new option in the Backup Wizard


When you have files scheduled to be deleted you will get a notification on the Welcome Screen
You should click on the Warning link to open a window with the list of files to be deleted where you can decide what to do with the files: delete or preserve.


You will also be getting an additional alert in the notification email advising on the objects scheduled to be deleted.


We hope Smart Delete will improve your experience with our product and make you feel more confident about your data. As always we would be happy to hear your feedback and you are welcome to post a comment.
  NBSmart Delete is incompatible with some other features of CloudBerry Backup like Hybrid Backup and Ransomware protection
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Published: by on Post Type: Categories: Archive
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