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Block-level backup for Backblaze B2 in CloudBerry Backup 5.6

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CloudBerry Backup supports block-level backup for numerous cloud storage providers. In release 5.6 we expand the list and bring the functionality over to Backblaze B2. This article demonstrates how to take advantage of the novelty.


Block-level allows you to back up only modified parts of the files instead of running a full backup every time the file is changed. Needless to say, block-level backup utilizes substantially less bandwidth for regular backups and reduces the backup time. If you're not particularly familiar with the matter, feel free to read our comprehensive article that illustratively explains the concept of block-level backups.


To enable block-level backup for Backblaze B2, proceed to create a backup plan. In the Advanced options step, select the Use block level backup checkbox.

Complete configuring the plan and execute it. On that first run, full copy of each file will be uploaded to the storage. Next time you run the backup plan, only modified parts of the previously uploaded files will be uploaded to storage, along with all the new files.

A couple of more things

We've also added filename encryption for BackBlaze to further enhance the security aspect of the backup.

Finally, detailed reporting is now available for BackBlaze B2 as well.

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