CloudBerry Managed Backup

White-label versions of CloudBerry Backup is available to our partners via the CloudBerry Managed Backup service. This service allows MSPs, VARs and IT service companies offering Amazon AWS powered managed cloud backup services under their own brand. Here you can find news and useful information about Managed Backup service.

CloudBerry Attends the ASCII IT Success Summit in NJ/NY

This week, Doug Hazelman and David Gugick are representing CloudBerry at the ASCII Summit in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. The ASCII IT Success Summits target CloudBerry’s core audience: Managed Service Providers. The speakers educate on how to be successful as an MSP, while the sponsors educate on products and offer insights on expanding MSP service offerings. For CloudBerry, we specifically discuss backup-as-a-service using our unique bring-your-own storage BaaS model. Continue reading

CloudBerry Backup Admin for iPhone and iPad: Getting Started

As you may know, we have developed an iOS app for our Managed Backup Service to enable our providers to track the backup activity of their users on the go. This app is designed as an extension of CloudBerry MBS and should help providers immediately tackle emerging backup issues. Read on to learn more about its functionality and use-cases.

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Backup Best Practices with Unsupported Databases

Using CloudBerry to secure existing database backups in the cloud requires some additional considerations when designing a backup plan. Unlike CloudBerry file, image, or SQL Server backups using the CloudBerry SQL Server agent, customers need to be careful to design a backup plan that allows for proper database restores based on database retention requirements and backup types performed. Continue reading

Integrate CloudBerry Managed Backup Into Harmony PSA

On August 13, eChannelNews conducted a joint interview called “Next Generation of PSA Software” with  David Gugick, Vice President of Product Management at CloudBerry Lab and Stephen Powell, co-founder, and CTO of Harmony PSA. The interview covers backup, disaster recovery and how they can be integrated into PSA for the seamless experience. Continue reading

MSP Voice Episode 9: Stuart Blumenthal, MicroAccounting

In this episode of MSP Voice, we are joined by Stuart Blumenthal from MicroAccounting.

MicroAccounting originates from Dallas and does accounting software, hosting and support and has over 700 clients. We will also be discussing the best of Reddit from the previous week, check out the links below.

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Coming Soon: CloudBerry Managed Backup for iPhone and iPad

Today we're excited to announce our upcoming product — CloudBerry Managed Backup for iPhone and iPad. As CloudBerry MBS continues to evolve as a full-fledged software-as-a-service solution, it is only fitting that we enable our MSPs to track the backup activity of their users on the go with the help of a mobile app.

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Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service 101 for MSPs: How to Build a DRaaS Offering

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) Checklist for MSPsWhen it comes to backing up and restoring data, MSPs can offer two distinct services. The first, and most basic, is Backup-as-a-Service, or BaaS. A more sophisticated and potentially more profitable offering is Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service or DRaaS. This article explains what DRaaS is, how it is different from BaaS and how to go about developing a DRaaS offering.
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