CloudBerry Attends the ASCII IT Success Summit in NJ/NY

CloudBerry Attends the ASCII IT Success Summit in NJ/NY

This week, Doug Hazelman and David Gugick are representing CloudBerry at the ASCII Summit in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. The ASCII IT Success Summits target CloudBerry’s core audience: Managed Service Providers. The speakers educate on how to be successful as an MSP, while the sponsors educate on products and offer insights on expanding MSP service offerings. For CloudBerry, we specifically discuss backup-as-a-service using our unique bring-your-own storage BaaS model.

CloudBerry’s Managed Backup Service connects to public cloud storage providers. Customers license the software from CloudBerry while working with the cloud storage providers that offer the features and pricing that best fits both the MSP and their customers’ needs. This provides a unique opportunity for MSPs to be able to offer backup services that can be priced at the appropriate level for any of their customers.

And that’s what we hear a lot at the ASCII shows. That is, most MSPs have customers with varying backup and financial requirements and finding a single backup solution that works for all of them is difficult, if not impossible. With CloudBerry, MSPs can easily leverage multiple cloud storage providers, and offer different tiers to their customers; all from the same product. When a customer grows and needs more capabilities from cloud storage, the MSP can easily transition them without having to change backup vendors.

We love the ASCII Summits because conversations are both plenty and informative. We learn as much from the MSPs in attendance as I hope we are able to educate them on our Managed Backup Service.

In a few short weeks (October 17-18 2018), Doug and I will attend the ASCII IT Success Summit in Bellevue, Washington. If you’re in the Seattle area, we’d love to meet you. Consider signing up at

David Gugick & Doug Hazelman - ASCII Summit NJ/NY 2018

Doug Hazelman Presenting ASCII Summit NJ/NY 2018