CloudBerry Backup: Announcing AWS China (Beijing) region support

CloudBerry Lab is following Amazon announcement about AWS China (Beijing) region support. We are glad to introduce the support for Beijing Region in CloudBerry Backup.

Beijing Region Supported in CloudBerry Backup

Now users of all standalone CloudBerry Backup products have an option to store files in the China (Beijing) Region. All the functions and features of AWS and CloudBerry Backup are fully supported.
Please note that according to Amazon announcement, the Beijing Region usage requires a separate set of account credentials unique to the China (Beijing) Region. This means that you need to create a separate Amazon S3 (China) Account or Amazon Glacier (China) Account (different from global AWS account) for using CloudBerry Backup with Beijing Region. 


We would be glad to hear your feedback about this new opportunity.

Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Backup.