CloudBerry Backup for Synology Now Supports Google Cloud

This post applies to CloudBerry Backup for Synology 1.6 and later.

If you use Synology NAS devices, we would like to bring to your notice a new Cloudberry Backup for Synology feature — support of Google Cloud. It is a business-ready “brother” of Google Drive which can store your backups along with other data. Here you can find details.

Not signed up for Google Cloud? Check out our blogs: How to Sign Up for Google Cloud Storage.

Configure Backup to Google Cloud Storage

  • Click Settings button on the toolbar to manage backup accounts and click Add button there
  • Choose GoogleCloud storage type. Then select an authentication type for your Google Cloud storage: Access and Secret keys or OAuth 2.0 (Service Account or Installed Application). Learn more about Google Cloud authentication at Explaining Google Cloud Storage Authentication.


  • Specify a Display Name (any name for your backup account) and use valid credentials:

a) for Access and Secret key - you need to specify both keys.

b) for OAuth 2.0 (Service Account) - you need to specify Project ID, Service account email and a private key (.p12)

c) for OAuth 2.0 (Installed Application) - you need to specify a Project ID then you will be prompt to allow CloudBerry Backup application to access your account and get a authentication token that you will need to copy and paste in a popup dialog when registering the Google Cloud account in CloudBerry Backup.

  • Then you will be able to select created Google Cloud account as a target for your backups


Note: CloudBerry Backup supports only Synology NAS system with processors Marvell ARM (Armada*) and Intel* CPU type. And data storage platform DSM up to version 6 inclusive.


Now the Google Cloud storage is configured and you can run a backup plan. Free trial of CloudBerry Backup for Synology is available for 15 days, so you can check if our backup solution meets your needs. Feedback is much appreciated too - please, use the comments section below or our support forum.

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