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CloudBerry Backup: Include / Exclude Folder Enhancements

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CloudBerry S3 Backup is a powerful Windows program that automates backup and restore processes to Amazon S3 cloud storage.
Imagine the situation:  you select the folder to backup up and then select only a subset of folders and files underneath it. See the screenshot. In the previous release if you add more files to the parent folder they would not get copied when CloudBerry Backup runs.
In the newer release 1.9 we introduced more intelligence to this feature. All new files in the parent folders will get automatically copied when backup process runs.

If you now look at the summary screen you will see the list of excluded folders:

This was one of the issues that many customers complained about and we wanted to make it work more smoothly.

As always we would be happy to hear your feedback and you are welcome to post a comment.
Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Backup 1.9 and later.
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