CloudBerry Explorer 2.3 Supports Microsoft Azure File Storage

This article refers to CloudBerry Explorer for Windows Azure 2.3 and later.

We are glad to announce that starting from this release, CloudBerry Explorer for Microsoft Azure supports Azure File storage! Using CloudBerry Explorer, you can now easily create a new Azure File storage account, add new file shares and effectively manage your data on these file shares.

In this post, we will focus on the following topics:

  • Getting Started with Azure File storage
  • Using CloudBerry Explorer to manage Azure File storage

Getting started with Azure Files

To request the access to Azure Files storage, go to Microsoft Azure Preview page. On the preview page, scroll down a little bit and hit the Try it button next to the Azure File section.
preview_pageSign in to your Microsoft account to get to the Azure File service. If you don't have Microsoft account yet, you can go ahead and create one:
2015-06-17 14_04_24-Sign in to your Microsoft account - Internet ExplorerOnce you are in, you'll be prompted to sign up for a new subscription. If you don't have any subscription at all, you can sign up for a 1-month free trial.2015-06-17 14_22_29-subscription_sign_up After you've signed up, you'll need to wait for Microsoft to send you an approval notification. Once you receive the notification, you'll be ready to create your new Azure storage account.

As mentioned earlier, existing storage accounts don't have access to Azure Files, so you'll have to create a brand new storage account specifically for this service. You can find our step-by-step instruction on how to create a new Azure storage account in the following blog: How to sign up for Microsoft Azure.

Using CloudBerry Explorer to manage Azure File storage

Launch CloudBerry Explorer, click File and choose New Azure File Storage Account.account.3 In the dialog box, give your account a name and specify your Account and Shared key values. If you have Azure Government storage account and want to use it with CloudBerry Explorer, just check the ''Government account" checkbox.2015-06-29 16_37_20-Add New Azure File Storage AccountNote: In order to find your Account and Shared key values, go to Microsoft Azure Management Portal and click the "Manage Access Keys" button at the bottom of the screen.2015-06-17 16_14_00-Azure_manage_keys.2 Storage account name is what you use for the Account, and Primary access key is what you use for the Shared key. Use the "Copy" icons next to the corresponding fields and save their values to the text file.Azure_copy_keys.2 After a new Azure File storage account is created you will be able to choose it in the Source drop-down menu.Source_drop.down

To create a new File share, navigate on the New Share icon on the toolbar.create.a.file.share

To create a new folder in your File share, click New Folder icon on the toolbar and give it a name.new_directoryIf you want to upload some files into your File share from your computer or other storage, just use the Copy or Move icons on the toolbar.copy-move


This release of CloudBerry Explorer makes it one of the first tool on the market to support with Azure File storage.