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CloudBerry Explorer Supports Oracle Archive Storage

The latest release of CloudBerry Explorer provides a user interface to Oracle Storage Cloud Archive Service. Using our product, you can easily move your data across your local storage and Oracle Archive storage as well as manage files and folders in the cloud just the same way you do it on your local computer.

Oracle Archive Service is designed for storing data that require long-term retention at the lowest price. It is ideally suited for infrequently accessed large-scale data sets such as corporate financial records, medical and pharmaceutical archives, cultural preservation content, insurance records and digital film masters.

Get Started with Oracle Cloud Storage

Please, find a step-by-step instruction on how to get started with Oracle Cloud Storage in the following blog: How to Get Started with Oracle Cloud Storage

Download and Install CloudBerry Explorer

You can find the latest version of CloudBerry Explorer in our website: CloudBerry Explorer for OpenStack Storage

Configure CloudBerry Explorer for Oracle Archive

1. Launch CloudBerry Explorer, navigate on the File menu in the upper-left corner and choose New Oracle Cloud Account option.

create_new_oracle_updated2. Type a name for your Oracle account, specify the username, password. authentication service, location and keystone authentication (optionally) to register a new account.

settings_dialog3. Select your account from the "Source" drop-down list then hit on New Container button. In the dialog, type a name for your container and select Archive from the "Container type" drop-down list.



That's it! Now you can leverage the Oracle Archive service with CloudBerry Explorer! We hope that you highly appreciate our product and take advantage of its outstanding functionality. As always we would be happy to hear your feedback and you are welcome to post a comment!

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