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CloudBerry Lab™ Celebrates World Backup Day with a Free Offer

World Backup Day

World Backup Day is upon us again.  With the rise of technology and the increasing amount of data that is stored on our computers, World Backup Day reminds us of the importance of backing up our data.  Celebrated on March 31st, this day is part of an initiative that seeks to raise awareness regarding data ownership, security, backup consistency, and access.

If you think you don’t need to back up your data, look at the person to your left and then the person to your right. One of you has a chance of losing your data at some point in time.  That’s right, the average person has a 33% chance of losing his data!  There are a number of ways data can be compromised:

  • Computer crashes – malfunctioning software and operating systems can lead to data loss
  • Virus infection – can corrupt and even delete information from your computer without your knowledge
  • Hard drive failure – with so many moving parts, hard drives are destined to fail eventually
  • Physical computer damage – accidents happen, coffee gets spilled, laptops get dropped
  • Theft – computers are valuable and susceptible to theft
  • Cyber-attacks – hackers can damage or destroy entire networks
  • Natural disasters – mother nature can take down networks and destroy hardware
  • Human error – we all make mistakes

As a company that provides cloud-based backup and file management services, CloudBerry Lab wanted to gain a better understanding of how people manage their data.  Earlier this month we conducted a survey* of 710 internet users across the US.  We asked them questions about their backup processes and the solutions they use.  We weren’t surprised to find out that 46% of internet users still do not perform any type of data backup.  Overall, we’d have to give enterprises a grade of C when it comes to data backup.

Here are some of the other results that were revealed in our survey:

  •  46% of internet users still don't backup their data at all
  •  Business data is backed up 20% more often compared to personal data
  •  56% of the personal users don't have more than one copy of their backup, while 75% of business data users have 2 copies.
  •  Security stays the biggest concern for cloud backup among 70% of personal and 59% of business data users
  •  Every 3rd user has lost his data at least once.
  •  Cloud backup is the second popular backup destination after external drives and grew up 13% on average from the last year.

With new security threats being discovered every day, organizations need to begin reconsidering their data backup procedures.  CloudBerry Lab can help with our cost-effective business continuity strategies.

We are a leading provider of cross-platform cloud backup and disaster recovery options.  Our offerings include a variety of powerful, easy-to-use, highly secure data backup solutions.  CloudBerry Backup users pay a flat fee for licensing, thus allowing SMBs to have an enterprise-level data recovery plan with minimal ongoing costs. Data retrieval can be configured right from the product activation screen. CloudBerry Backup does not process data on 3rd-party servers; all data transfers occur between the source instance and a self-controlled storage account. With CloudBerry Backup, businesses have the power to decide where to store their backups.

Here at CloudBerry Lab, we want to help you celebrate World Backup Day with an exciting offer.  We are giving away free CloudBerry Backup licenses for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

We would like to contribute to your data safety on World Backup Day.
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*The survey was conducted through Survey Monkey from March 22-23, 2017.  Respondents included 710 internet users from across the US.