Coming Soon: CloudBerry Managed Backup for iPhone and iPad

Today we're excited to announce our upcoming product — CloudBerry Managed Backup for iPhone and iPad. As CloudBerry MBS continues to evolve as a full-fledged software-as-a-service solution, it is only fitting that we enable our MSPs to track the backup activity of their users on the go with the help of a mobile app.

CloudBerry Managed Backup for iOS is designed as an extension of CloudBerry MBS and will in its infancy focus on tracking users' backup and restore activity. Providers can be notified of both successful and failed plan executions right from the lock screen of their iPhones. Here's how it will look:

Upon clicking on the notification, the app will launch and display the detailed information about the plan execution:

Apart from reacting to particular notifications, you can proactively use the app to track your users' computer information: online status, health, and the ratio of successful plan executions to the failed ones.

By the time the app is submitted to the App Store, it will also be able to manually execute and terminate plans. Coupled with notifications, this feature will considerably reduce your reliance on the MBS Web Console and enable you to resolve emerging issues right from your iPhone!

We'd also like to highlight that even though the app is developed primarily for the iPhone, it also works on the iPad as well. That's just something to keep in mind. MBS can now be called a use-anywhere platform whereby MSPs can track their computers on the Web, on their iPhones, and on their iPads.

Because the app can send native iOS notifications,  Apple Watch users can be notified of any backup catastrophes right on their wrists.



So this is the first glance at CloudBerry MBS for iOS. We can't wait to bring it to the App Store and see how you will incorporate the app into your workflow. If you have any suggestions as to what features should be implemented in the initial release — feel free to share them in the comment section below.