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Connecting to your Google Storage Account using CloudBerry Box

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This post explains how to sign up for Google Cloud Storage, find your connection credentials and use them to connect CloudBerry Box with your Google Cloud Storage account. By the way you can use these intructions even if you use other CloudBerry product, the Google Cloud Storage connection dialog is just the same.

Creating an account with Google Cloud Storage

Go to and click the prominent “Free Trial” button on the right side of the web page. You start Google Cloud Storage with a free trial and can upgrade subsequently to a paid account.

Start Using Google Cloud

Follow the directions on the webpage to create your free account.

Once this is done, Google brings you to the developer’s console as shown below –

Project credentials

Google gives you a default project with a default name that you can change by clicking the edit icon on the right. Note that the project ID is shown on this page. You will need this project ID subsequently.

Click the project to open it.

This brings you to the Project Dashboard as shown below. On the dashboard, click the “Create Bucket” button to create a bucket in your project. You store all your files in the bucket.

Create a Storage Bucket

Once you create a bucket, you give it a name that is unique within your project and you can now save objects into it.

Manage Buckets

Once you have created your storage account and your bucket, you can link to it using your CloudBerry Box and use Google Storage as the preferred storage for your CloudBerry Box account.

If you do not have the CloudBerry Box you can download it from our website. Install the application to get CloudBerry Box running.

Linking CloudBerry Box with Google Cloud Storage using your Google Account (Installed Application)

Click the CloudBerry Box icon in your systems tray and select “Options”.

google account 1

In the options dialog box make the following selections: select "Google" for Storage Provider and choose "Your Google Account (Installed Application" from the Authentication drop-down list. Now you need to:

  • click the ‘Sign in’ button. CloudBerry will authenticate your credentials on Google, you will need to accept the terms and conditions and grant CloudBerry account permissions.
  • enter Project ID - copy the Project ID from your Google Storage Account page and paste it in the text box for it.

CloudBerry Box will take a second or two to connect to your Google Storage Account and retrieve the bucket list from your project. Select the bucket you want to use and test your connection.

Once the connection is validated, click OK to save your settings and begin using your Google Storage Account with CloudBerry Box.

google account 2

Linking CloudBerry Box with Google Cloud Storage using Service Account

To connect your CloudBerry Box with Google Cloud Storage using Service Account, you will need the following information: Project ID, Service Account Email address and Private Key file.

Here is how you get these.
Project ID is found on the Developers Console as shown below. You can copy it from here.

Where is the project ID

To locate your Service Account Email address, click the project name to open the project page of the developer’s console and select the Credentials link.

Get a Service Account E-Mail

On the credentials page, click Create new Client ID

Creating OAuth Client ID

Select Application type - “Service Account” as shown below and click “Create Client ID”.

Client Application type

This creates the Client ID and email address associated with your account and displays them as shown below.

Google account client Id & email

You will need to provide this email address to CloudBerry Box subsequently.

Now you require to generate a public – private key pair. Click the button labeled “Generate new P12 key”. This generates a key pair and saves it to your PC in the ‘downloads’ folder. When we generated a sample file for this blog, the file was saved with the following name - “vedic-words-e283e7925caf.p12”. Look for a file with the extension .p12 in your folder.

As a key pair is generated and saved, you are shown the password for the private key.

Private Key window

Once this is done, you are ready to connect your CloudBerry Box with Google Cloud Storage using Service Account. Click the CloudBerry Box icon on the systems tray and select “Options”.

CloudBerry Box Options Window

In the options, enter the following data: select "Google" for Storage Provider and choose "Service Account" from the Authentication drop-down list. Then specify:

  • Service Account Email – copy and paste the service account email that Google generated for you.
  • Private key – click the button and navigate to the .p12 file that was downloaded to your disk. Import this file.
  • Project ID – paste your project ID there.

CloudBerry Box will now show the bucket list from your Google Storage account. Select the bucket you want to use.

Test the connection. Once successful, select OK or Apply.

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