Google Lifecycle Policy in CloudBerry Backup 5.4

CloudBerry Backup 5.4 features a number of new long-awaited improvements. Among them is highly-requested support for Google lifecycle policy. Back in December we brought this feature to CloudBerry Explorer, and now are happy to announce that this functionality is making its way to our flagship backup product. Read on to learn how to utilize the new feature.


A few months ago we wrote a post covering the differences between various Google Cloud Storage classes. It is essential for you to familiarize yourself with the matter before you begin configuring your lifecycle policy. Afterward, you can start tinkering with the feature in CloudBerry Backup.


The Google lifecycle policy can be toggled from the upper tool bar. Under Tools, click Lifecycle Policy.

Select your Google Cloud account from the drop-down menu. Then specify the requisite storage class. By default the files are stored in the container storage class. However, you can change the setting by clicking Set storage class to and selecting the requisite checkboxes: Nearline and Coldline. Note that when you specify the number of days next to Nearline, the number for Coldline automatically increments by one and therefore should always be bigger than the former Nearline's number by one. When done, simply click OK.

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