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Clear Archive Bit Attribute with CloudBerry Backup: Guide

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This post applies to CloudBerry Backup 4.5 and later.

Starting from the latest release of CloudBerry Backup, you can automatically clear the Archive Bit attribute for the files during the backup process! In this post, we explain what is Archive Bit, what is it good for and how to configure CloudBerry Backup to make it turn off this attribute every time you run the backup iteration.

What is Archive Bit

The archive bit is a file attribute that is set when a file is created or modified. It basically indicates to the system that the file is a new one or a modified one and so it is ready for archiving.

You can review this attribute in the file advanced settings. Just right-click on the file and go to General > Advanced.

whatsnew_ec2_2The latest release of CloudBerry Backup allows you to turn off this Archive Bit during the backup process. Let's look at an example:

  • You create a new file. The Archive Bit attribute is automatically set for this file.
  • You create a daily backup schedule starting from Monday. You then run a full backup on Monday and CloudBerry Backup successfully backs up this file. The Archive Bit is turned off.
  • You do not modify this file. You run the incremental backup on Tuesday. CloudBerry Backup skips this file since the Archived Bit is being turned off.
  • You modify this file on Wednesday. The Archive Attribute is automatically turned on again.
  • You run Wednesday incremental backup. CloudBerry Backup backs up this modified file and turns off the Archive Bit attribute.
  • The attribute will stay turned off and the file will be kept skipped by CloudBerry Backup until you modify this file again.

Please, learn how to enable the "Clear Archive Bit" option in CloudBerry Backup below:

How to Clear Archive Bit in CloudBerry Backup

1. Run CloudBerry Backup, go to Tools > Options > Advanced. Then go ahead and select the Clear archive attribute during backup option and click Apply/OK.

clear_archiveThat's it! Now CloudBerry Backup will automatically turn off the Archive Bit attribute during the backup process for all the files you select in the backup plan.


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