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How to Copy Backup Plans of CloudBerry Backup

Some of our users wonder how to copy backup plans. There are a few ways to copy a backup plan of CloudBerry Backup. In this post, we describe each of these ways!

Copying Backup Plans Using Clone Backup Plan Feature

1 Launch CloudBerry Backup and go to Backup Plans.backup_plans_new

2 Expand the backup plan you want to copy and click on the Clone plan link.clone_plan_button

3 Type a name for the new plan and click OK. clon_pan.dialog.3

You will see a new copy of the backup plan in the list of registered backup plans.

Restoring Backup Plan Configuration From Cloud Storage

CloudBerry Backup has “Save backup plan configuration to backup storage" option in the Backup Wizard. This option allows saving backup plan details to the backup storage during the backup. Once saved, a backup plan can be restored and used in the future.

1 Run CloudBerry Backup.

2 Start Backup Wizard.

3 Go to the “Plan Name” step.

4 Check “Save backup plan configuration to the backup storage” box.backup_plan_example

5 Finish creating a backup plan as usual.

6 Once finished with creating a backup plan, go to “Backup Storage” Tab and Click on the “Backup Plans” node.backup_plans

7 You will see the list of your saved backup plans in the right part of the screen.

8 Right-click on the plan and click “Restore”.

9 Select whether to restore only selected backup plan or a backup plan with common console settings. Click “Restore”.select_restore_type

10 When the backup plan is restored, click “OK”.backup_plan_successfull_restore

Copying Backup Plans Using Export / Import Configuration Feature

You can use CloudBerry Backup Export Configuration and Import Configuration features to copy backup plans. It is a good way to move backup plans from CloudBerry Backup on one computer to another. To do this you have to take a few steps listed below:

1 Run CloudBerry Backup.

2 Open File menu in the upper-left corner and click on the Export Configuration.export_conviguration

3 Select a backup plan you want to copy from the list, choose the export destination and click Export to.Export_Configuration

4 When the export is finished, click “OK”.

5 To import a backup plan run CloudBerry Backup. Open “File” menu and click on the “Import Configuration”.

6 Choose a file with your backup plan and click “Import”.

7 Your backup plan will be imported and you shall be able to see it on the “Backup Plans” tab.

Manual Copying of Backup Plans

You can copy backup plans manually as well if it is an option for you.

1 Go to the CloudBerry Backup application data folder.

For Desktop Edition: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\CloudBerry Online Backup\ or C:\ProgramData\CloudBerry Online Backup\

For Server Edition: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\CloudBerry Backup Server Edition\ or C:\ProgramData\CloudBerry Backup Server Edition\

For Enterprise Edition: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\CloudBerry Backup Enterprise Edition\ or C:\ProgramData\CloudBerry Backup Enterprise Edition\

For SQL Edition: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\CloudBerry Backup for MS SQL Server\ or C:\ProgramData\CloudBerry Backup for MS SQL Server\

For Exchange Edition: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\CloudBerry Backup for MS Exchange Server\ or C:\ProgramData\CloudBerry Backup for MS Exchange Server\

For Bare Metal Edition: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\CloudBerry Backup Bare Metal Edition or C:\ProgramData\CloudBerry Backup Bare Metal Edition\

Note: Please, replace “UserName” with your actual username.

2 Select all the *.cbb files and copy them.

3 To add previously copied backup plans to CloudBerry Backup on another computer just paste them into the application data folder on the computer you plan to run a backup on.


Now you know how to copy and move plans within CloudBerry Backup. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below or on our official forum.