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Creating a Bootable ISO Image

Creating a Bootable ISO Image with CloudBerry Backup

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This article refers to CloudBerry Backup 4.6 and later.

The latest release of CloudBerry Backup for Windows Server allows you to create a bootable ISO image that you can further use for bare-metal recovery, i.e. on a machine with no operating system installed. 

Let's get started!

How to Create Bootable ISO Image with CloudBerry Backup

1 Run CloudBerry Backup and click Make Bootable USB button.
Make bootable USB button

2 In the Create Recovery Disk dialog window you can select whether you want to create a bootable ISO image (that's what we'll do) or a bootable USB for Windows Server. Select the ISO image radio button and click Browse (...):
Creating recovery disk: Select the ISO image radio button and click Browse (...)

3 Choose the Windows ISO image file or create a new one by simply entering the name for it (any name you want) and click Open.

4 You will see the path to your new bootable ISO image. You can also use the following options:
- Add CloudBerry Remote Assistant to the Recovery Disk
This enables you or someone else who provides administration support to connect to the booted Windows Server.
- Protect Recovery Disk with master password
Specify a master password for extra security to prevent unauthorized access to the recovery USB disk.
- Path to drivers
If you want to add your own drivers to the bootable ISO image (in order to use it for restore to dissimilar hardware), in this field you should specify the path to the folder that contains the required drivers:
Specifying path to additional drivers for the bootable ISO

5 Click Create Disk button to start the creation of the image.
Clicking Create Disk button to start the creation of the ISO image
Once the process completes, click the Close button.

That's it! Now your bootable ISO image is created! You can use it to recover your operating system in case of the system crash.

You can try CloudBerry Backup for Windows Server with the ability to create bootable ISO images absolutely for free. Just go ahead and download our 15-day fully-functional trial version and check if it meets your requirements.

CloudBerry Backup for Windows Server
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  • Multiple recovery options (bare-metal, USB, cloud)
  • Support for over 20 cloud storage providers
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