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Windows Server 2003 bootable usb

How to Create a Bootable USB for Windows Server 2003

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In this post we will explain how to create a bootable USB for Windows Server 2003 using CloudBerry Backup. For newer versions of Windows Server, please check our article on creating a bootable USB drive for Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019.

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    The steps described below include:

    • performing a cloud backup of Windows Server 2003 system image
    • creating a bootable USB (with the prepared image backup) - on a machine running Windows 7 or higher
    • restoring Windows Server 2003 from the bootable USB disk

    We strongly recommend you to create a bootable USB device on a computer that runs Windows 7 or higher. Windows Server 2003 does not contain necessary network components that are required for recovering system from the cloud.

    Full System Backup and Recovery
    Check out our comprehensive guide covering system image, system state and application-aware backup and recovery:
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    Performing Image-Based Backup

    Being on Windows Server 2003: Install CloudBerry Backup, specify your cloud storage account and click Image-Based Backup button on the main toolbar:

    Click Image-based backup button on CloudBerry Backup toolbar

    Follow the steps from the wizard to perform an image-based backup.

    CloudBerry provides proprietary technology for system image backup. We use the term ‘image-based backup’ for it in the software and in the documentation.

    Creating Windows Server 2003 Bootable USB 

    1 On another computer that runs Windows 7 or higher, install and launch CloudBerry Backup and specify the same cloud storage account as well as the same backup prefix as you did earlier in CloudBerry Backup on the computer with Windows Server 2003.Specifying backup prefix in Advanced settings for Amazon S3 in CloudBerry Backup

    2 Next, plug your USB device into the computer with Windows 7 or higher and click the Make Bootable USB button on the CloudBerry Backup toolbar. Make bootable USB button

    3 In the Create Recovery Disk dialog box, specify your USB device from the drop-down list, create the master password to protect your recovery disk and hit Create Disk button.
    Creating bootable USB

    Recovering Windows Server 2003 from a Bootable USB

    To restore Windows Server 2003, plug the bootable USB device into the computer on which you want to run Windows Server 2003 and restart this computer. When you see the Boot Menu, just go ahead and choose the Bare Metal Recovery option to run CloudBerry Backup.
    Restoring Windows Server 2003 from a Bootable USBIn the launched CloudBerry Backup, run the Restore Wizard and follow the steps to initiate the recovery process.

    Check out our help article for more details on how to use a recovery disk and troubleshooting.

    If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

    CloudBerry Backup for Windows Server
    • System image backup and recovery
    • Multiple recovery options (bare-metal, USB, cloud)
    • Support for over 20 cloud storage providers
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