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How to Start Working with CB Box and Microsoft Azure

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On February 25, 2015 CloudBerry Lab announced Multiple Storage support in CloudBerry Box. Microsoft Azure storage was among the supported storages. Today we age going to give you a step-by-step instruction about how to link a Microsoft Azure account with CloudBerry Box.

Connecting your Microsoft Azure to CloudBerry Box consists of the following steps:

  1. Installing CloudBerry Box,
  2. Signing up to Microsoft Azure,
  3. Creating a Microsoft Azure Storage Account,
  4. Retrieving Microsoft Azure Access Keys,
  5. Connecting the Microsoft Azure Account to CloudBerry Box.

Installing CloudBerry Box

This section gives a step-by-step instruction about how to install CloudBerry Box.

1. Download CloudBerry Box

2. Run the downloaded file and install it on your PC. Once CloudBerry Box is installed, its tray icon appears on the Windows task bar. You need to set up the program before you can store and share data.

3. The first time you run CloudBerry Box, you will see a product activation window. Enter your email and select the free trial option. You can convert your account to a paid one later.


CB Box product activation

4. Install CloudBerry Box on every PC / laptop that you are going to synchronize your storage with.

Signing up to Microsoft Azure

If you don't have your account for Microsoft Azure yet, you can get a free 3-month trial.

1. Go to the Microsoft Azure website.

2. Click the "Free trial" teaser in the top right corner of the screen.

Azure_Free_Trial3. Click the "Try it now" button.

Azure Try Now screen4. Sign in with your Microsoft Account. For creating the account, go to the link.

5. After logging in, verify that you see a page like the one below.


Note: If you do not see such page, try to log in with a different web browser.

6. Provide your personal information.

Azure_Personal7. Provide your phone number to pass a mobile verification. Select whether to receive a text message or to receive a call. For example, select "Send text" option and then click Send text message button.

Azure_mobile_sms_callAfter you have received a code, type it to the text field below your phone number and click Verify code button.


After a successful verification, you will see an expanded Payment Information section. Refer to for help in case of difficulties with mobile verification.

8. Provide your payment information for verification purposes.

Azure_paymentAfter filling in the Payment Information section, Sign up button becomes available for clicking.

9. Click Sign up button after selecting "I agree to the Microsoft Azure Agreement, Offer Details, and Privacy Statement" option to finish the signing up procedure.

Azure_sign_upAfter that you will see the following screens:

Azure_creatingAzure_waitAfter your subscription is ready, you will see the screen with the information that your trial expires in 30 days.


Creating a Microsoft Azure Storage Account

1. After verifying your Microsoft Azure account, go to the Microsoft Azure Management Portal to create a storage account.

2. Choose the "Storage" item in the left menu. Then click "Create a storage account" or click "+NEW" button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Azure_storage_tabYou will be redirected to the part of the screen like the one below:

Azure_URL3. Create the start of the URL that will be used for your Azure account. Type it to the URL field.

4. Click "Create storage account" option. Wait until the status changes to Online. Usually the activation procedure takes no longer than 5 minutes.


Retrieving Microsoft Azure Access Keys

Microsoft Azure provides storage users with the secret keys to help protect from unauthorized account access.

1. Go to the Microsoft Azure Management Portal and click the "Manage Keys" button at the bottom of the screen.

Azure_manage_keys2. Prepare a text file to copy the values from the pop-up window. Use the "Copy" icons next to the following fields: "Storage account name" and "Primary access key" and save their values to the text file.

Azure copy keys

Connecting the Microsoft Azure Account to CloudBerry Box

1. Provide CloudBerry Box details of your Microsoft Azure storage. Click the CloudBerry Box icon in the system tray and from the small menu that pops up, select the “Options” item.

Azure_with_CB_Box2. In the CloudBerry Box Options window, select the "Azure" option as a Storage Provider.

3. Paste the Storage Account Name from your Microsoft Azure account to the "Account" field.

4. Enter the Primary Access Key that you have copied from your Microsoft Azure account to the "Shared key" field.

5. Specify the container that you are going to use with CloudBerry Box.

6. Test the connection by clicking the "Test Connection" button.

Please note that the connection testing process may take several seconds.

7. After you have got a success message, click the "Close" button to close it.

Azure_account_in_CB_Box8. Click the "OK" button to finish connecting your Microsoft Azure account with CloudBerry Box.

CloudBerry Box is preset to sync your files every 30 seconds. Every 30 seconds it looks for the files that have changed and syncs them to your Microsoft Azure account. You can change this time period later on the "Sync Options" tab.

9. Link each instance of CloudBerry Box to your Microsoft Azure storage by providing the access and secret key and the (same) bucket.

You can use any number of devices with CloudBerry Box. It will ensure that a change that has been made on one device is reflected on all the connected devices and in your Microsoft Azure storage.


Now your Microsoft Azure is connected to CloudBerry Box. Enjoy using a reliable storage from Azure Storage with CloudBerry Box - our new product for syncing your files.

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Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Box.
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