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How to Post Passages From Websites Using CloudBerry Twitter Plug-In for Internet Explorer

How CloudBerry Explorer Twitter plug-in can help me

You surf the internet and come across something that you want to share with everybody else. Twitter is a wonderful tool that helps you to stay connected with your friends all over the world and if you like me you have a temptation to post an exciting thing to twitter so that all your followers can share your excitement.

Now you have to copy a text from the web page and paste it to the twitter status window. You also may want to copy a URL of the web page from the Internet Explorer address bar. The whole process is very destructive and may take a couple of valuable minutes every time.

CloudBerry Twitter plug-in will make it the whole task like a breeze.  All you have to do is to select a text on the web page and click a button on the browser toolbar.  Not only will it take the text to twitter status but also add a short version of the source page URL to it.

How it works

You read the webpage and find something of interest. You select the text and click “Tweet” button on the toolbar.

Now a window will pop up with your quote and a short URL of the web page.  It will also make sure that your text doesn’t exceed the allowed limit of 140 symbols.

Edit the text if you like and click “Tweet” button. Let’s now check your twitter page.  As you can see your latest update is exactly the quote from the web site you’ve just visited. Isn’t it cool?

How CloudBerry Twitter Plug-in for IE knows my Twitter account.

There is no magic! You have to tell specify it on the first use. Just fill in the form with your twitter user name and password.

If you find it exciting but don’t know what the Twitter is (I personally don’t believe the reader of this post don’t know about Twitter) click “Register now” link and it will take you to the Twitter website.

Your account details are stored on your local computer in your profile in encrypted form. CloudBerry lab has no access to it!

Are plug-in for other browsers coming?

Yes, we plan FireFox plug-in version very soon.  We would love to make a Google Chrome plug-in, but there is no telling when it will happen…

What short URL services CloudBerry Twitter plug-in uses

The user has a choice between very popular TinyURL service and another service calledChilp it!

You can download CloudBerry Twitter plug-in for free at . No registration required, you just download it, install it and ready to go!

We hope you like this post. As always, if you have any question or comments feel free to submit feedback at

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