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How to Set Up Master Password for CloudBerry Backup

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CloudBerry S3 Backup is a powerful Windows program that automates backup and restore processes to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier cloud storage.
In this post, we would like to introduce our new Master Password feature that protects CloudBerry S3 Backup from unauthorized access. Although rarely these days some users still work on shared computers where other users have access to their data. Master Password helps you further protect your cloud account from unauthorized access. what's more important, it will protect your account and data if your computer is lost and/or stolen.  Finally, this is a useful feature in a locked down environment where IT personnel is responsible for computer backup and the end user is not allowed to change the configuration.

To enable Master Password to go to the Options screen, General tab. Click Protect console with master password option and enter the password.
Next time you open the console it will ask you for a password

We hope this feature will offer a more secure experience with CloudBerry Backup and will make CloudBerry Backup a product of choice for many small businesses and individuals.

Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Backup 3.4 and later.

CloudBerry Backup is available in Desktop Edition that costs $29.99, Server Edition that costs $79.99 and Enterprise Edition that costs $299.99 for a single license. CloudBerry Backup for MS SQL Server license is available for $149.99. Volume discounts are available. 

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Published: by on Post Type: Categories: CloudBerry Backup
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