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How to Restore data from Amazon Glacier Storage

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If you want to restore some data stored in the Amazon Glacier to a new computer you have to take some easy steps. First of all, you have to register your Glacier account with CloudBerry Backup.

Glacier retrieval options and pricing has changed . Check out our article about these updates

Register Glacier account with CloudBerry Backup

  1. Open the CloudBerry Backup.
  2. Open the “File” menu and select “Amazon Glacier Account…”.


  1. On the “Glacier” tab click on the “Add” button.
  2. Specify any display name, specify Access key and Secret key.
  3. Specify vault name manually or choose a vault from a drop-down list. You should specify a vault where you have backed up your data in order to restore the files.


Once you finish with register your Glacier account with CloudBerry Backup you will have to proceed with repository synchronization.

Repository synchronization

  1. Open the “Tools” menu and click on the “Options”.
  2. Open the “Repository” tab and click on “Synchronize Repository” button.
  3. Select your Glacier account from a drop-down list.


  1. Click on the "Synchronize Now" button to start repository sync.

Important note: sync process takes from 4 to 5 hours because under the scene we are running Glacier inventory job.

When the synchronization is over you shall be able to proceed with a restore process.

Note: If you uploaded during last 24 hours, the Glacier Global inventory may not occur and files may be not available.

Restore job

  1. Open the “Backup Storage” tab.
  2. Select your Amazon Glacier account from a drop-down list.


  1. Right-click on a folder or a file you want to restore. Click on the “Restore” to begin the restoration process.


  1. On the Plan Name step of the Restore Wizard, you will be asked whether you want to run a backup plan once or to save a restoration plan for future use. Just check “Run restore once” or “Save restore plan” radio-button. If you choose to save your restore plan, you will be asked to specify a plan name.
  2. Choose a restore type and specify a restore destination.
  3. Specify a password to decrypt files if needed.
  4. Glacier Smart Restore step allows you to specify a peak retrieval rate. Peak retrieval rate is what Glacier restoration pricing depends on. Specifying a peak retrieval rate allows you to control restoration expenses.

Also on Smart Restore step, you can choose not to limit retrieval process but it can lead to unexpected expenses and is not recommended.

  1. See the Summary screen and proceed to the Finish screen where you Check the “Run restore now” checkbox if you want to run a plan on the Restore Wizard finish.

Important note: Amazon Glacier retrieval job can take 4-5 hours so it will take up to 5 hours before restore process will start.

When a restore process completes your data will be restored to the directory on your computer you’ve specified.

Glacier retrieval options and pricing has changed. Check out our article about these updates

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