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How to restore data from Amazon S3 bucket to a new computer

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What if you’ve got a new computer and you want to restore some data from Amazon S3 to your computer's local drive? In this post, we’ve tried to give a detailed instruction on how to do it with CloudBerry Backup. You just have to follow simple instructions listed below to restore your data to your new computer as if it was originally kept on its drive.
1. Open the CloudBerry Backup.
2. Click on the “File” menu and select “Amazon S3 Account…” from the list.
3. On the “Amazon S3” tab click on the “Add” button.
4. Register the same Amazon S3 account you've used for backup: name plan as you wish, specify Access key and Secret key.
5. Choose the same bucket you've used for backup from a drop-down list.

6. Specify the same “prefix” you've used for backup in advanced settings. By default, the prefix is set to your computer name

Note: When Amazon S3 account has been selected, the repository sync is started automatically that will retrieve the list of backed up files so that you can restore afterward.  If you don't see the files what is unlikely, try to synchronize the internal database:
  •  Go to the “Tools” menu.
  •  Click on the “Options”.
  •  Open the “Repository” tab.
  •  Click “Synchronize Repository”.
Note: you can learn more about How to sign-up for Amazon S3 and CloudBerry Backup in another post.
7. Go to the “Backup Storage” tab.
8. Select your S3 account from a drop-down list.
9. Right-click on a folder you want to restore and select “Restore” to open the Restore Wizard.
10. You will see the Restore Wizard. Follow all the steps of the Wizard as usual to create a restore plan.
11. When you finish with a creation of restoration plan, run it.
If you’ve done everything correctly, a data will be transferred to your computer when a restore process is complete.
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