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How to Restore Server as Amazon EBS Volume

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In this post we explain, how to restore the snapshot of your server as Amazon EBS Volume using CloudBerry Backup.

First of all, you need to create a snapshot of your server by taking advantage of the CloudBerry Image Based Backup feature. Once it is done, you can go ahead and restore this server snapshot as Amazon EBS Volume as shown below.

How to Restore your Server as Amazon EBS Volume

1. Launch CloudBerry Backup, click the Restore button on the toolbar and follow the Restore Wizard steps to create a new restore plan.

restore.icon_.ec2_2.  In the "Type of Data" step of the Wizard, select Restore Image-Based Backup option.

ec.2.restore_ibb123. Then select the Restore as EBS Volume option.

EBS_volume4.  Select your Amazon S3 account, Region and Availability Zone then hit Next.

availabolity_zoneComplete the rest of the Restore Wizard steps to create and customize your restore plan!

5. You can find the restored EBS Volume in the Amazon EC2 Management Console.



You can try CloudBerry Backup with the ability to restore data to Amazon EC2 absolutely for free! Just download our 15-days fully functional trial version of CloudBerry Backup and check if it meets your needs and requirements.

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Published: by on Post Type: Categories: AWS, CloudBerry Backup
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