How to Set CloudFront Default Object Using CloudBerry S3 Explorer

As always we are trying to stay on top of the new functionality offered by Amazon S3  to offer the most compelling Amazon S3 and CloudFront client on Windows platform.
In this release we are introducing a support for CloudFront Default Object. This exciting feature allows you to designate a certain page in your bucket to become a default webpage. In other words let’s say you host your static website on CloudFront and CNAME is configured for
Previously you had to resort to some tricks to be able to access your website using URL or give the users a direct URL to your default page e.g. With the Default Object support you can just point your browser to and the default index.html page will be served automatically.
Newer release of CloudBerry S3 Explorer allows you to specify default object on the distribution configuration dialog:
As always we would be happy to hear your feedback and you are welcome to post a comment.
Note: this post applies to CloudBerry Explorer 2.3 and later.
CloudBerry S3 Explorer is a Windows product that helps managing Amazon S3 storage and CloudFront.
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