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How to Backup Data to Amazon S3 With CloudBerry Backup

This post explains how to get started with Amazon S3 account and register it with CloudBerry Backup, a powerful solution that allows you to automate your backup/restore process. We hope that this product will become your tool of choice and help you effectively manage your backups and restores.

Table of Contents

    Sign up for Amazon S3 cloud storage

    Please, find a step-by-step instruction on how to sign up for Amazon S3 cloud storage in the following blog: How to Get Started with Amazon S3

    Download and install CloudBerry Backup

    You can find the latest version of CloudBerry Backup in our website: CloudBerry Backup for Amazon S3

    Configure CloudBerry Backup for Amazon S3 cloud storage

    1. Launch CloudBerry Backup, click on the Menu Icon in the upper-left corner and click on the Add New Account button.

    new_iam_account_cbb2. In the "Select Cloud Storage" dialog, click on the Amazon S3 icon.

    amazon_s3_icon3. Give your account a name in "Display Name" field, specify your "Access Key / Secret Key" pair and select a storage bucket from the "Bucket name" drop-down menu.

    amazon_new_settingsNote: To find your Amazon Access Key / Secret Key pair, you can refer to our blogHow to find Amazon Access/Secret Key

    4. Once you specified all the required information, click OK. You will see your new Amazon displayed account in the list of registered accounts.


    How to Select Amazon S3 Account in Backup Wizard

    You can select or create a new Amazon S3 account in Backup Wizard when creating a new backup plan.

    Click the Files button to start Backup Wizard and select the registered Amazon S3 account.

    wizard_iamAfter your Amazon S3 account is selected, click Next and complete the rest of the Backup Wizard steps to create and customize your backup plan!


    Now you are ready to enjoy Amazon S3 with CloudBerry Backup. You can create Backup Plans, copy files to Amazon S3 and schedule the backup process.

    We offer a free 15 day trial for every edition of CloudBerry Backup.