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Backup Data to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier with CloudBerry Backup

This post explains how to start backup to Amazon S3, or Amazon Glacier, using CloudBerry Backup.

Table of Contents

    Create Account in AWS

    1 Go to AWS official website and click the link at the very top right corner of the screen.

    2Click Create a new AWS account on the next screen

    3Enter valid details on the next screen

    4Enter contact information further

    5Enter payment information on the next screen. You will not be charged upon sign up procedure. Your credit card is needed for the billing for usage of AWS services in the future

    6If you are new in AWS, check out short tutorials on the next page. Once finished, you are ready to use all AWS services, including Amazon S3

    Download and install CloudBerry Backup

    You can find the latest version of CloudBerry Backup in our website: CloudBerry Backup for Amazon S3

    Configure CloudBerry Backup for Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier

    1Click Add New Account

    2Select Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier

    3Specify any display name, specify Access key and Secret key.

    To find your Amazon Access Key / Secret Key pair, you can refer to our blogHow to find Amazon Access/Secret Key

    How to Archive Data to Glacier

    Instead of using a separate Amazon Glacier vault, you can configure your Amazon S3 account send data to Glacier automatically after a set period of time.

    Further reading How to Archive Amazon S3 Data to Glacier with CloudBerry Backup


    Now you are ready to enjoy Amazon S3 with CloudBerry Backup. You can create Backup Plans, copy files to Amazon S3 and schedule the backup process.

    We offer a free 15 day trial for every edition of CloudBerry Backup.

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