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How to Sign Up for Google Drive

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Google Drive is a cloud storage service from Google that offers 15GB of free storage space. Google Drive storage is included in all Google accounts by default. So you need to have Google account in order to use Google Drive.

This post explains how to create a new Google account to get 15GB of Google Drive storage.

Creating Google Account

1. Go to to get to Google Accounts login page and click Create an account.

Note: If you have Google account already, then you don't have to follow the sign up procedure. Just type in your Google credentials, hit Sign in button and you'll get to the Google Drive storage.

In the registration from, specify your name and login information.

Then accept the service agreement and click Next step on the bottom of the screen.


You will get to the welcome page. In the upper right corner of the screen, navigate on the Apps symbol and choose Drive option.


This will direct you to the Google Drive dashboard where you can manage your cloud storage.


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