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How to Sign up to Azure VM

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If you enjoy using Cloudberry Backup for image-level restoration, then you will appreciate one of its new features - support of Microsoft Azure VM service. But if you are new to Microsoft’s cloud, you can check our step-by-step manual providing information how to sign up to Azure VM Free Trial.


When you complete registration, you will get $200 to spend for Azure services during the trial period. However, you can use this amount to create and try any combination of Azure resources. So, you will be able to explore Microsoft cloud for free. You can also  review Azure prices for paid subscription.

The following information is required to complete the registration process :

  • Phone number - to verify your identity.
  • Credit card - for additional verification of your identity. Microsoft does not withdraw anything from credit cards during the trial period.
  • Microsoft Account username (formerly Windows Live ID). Most likely you already have one, but in other cases, please, create your account here When done, continue reading.

If all in place, follow the link and press Start now button.


  1. When you proceed to sign up on Azure VM, you will see a Sign in screen. Enter your Microsoft Account credentials here.
  2. Next you will have to manage Azure account by providing personal information. Fill out all mandatory fields, enter your mobile phone number in section 2 and select the type of verification (either a voice call or an SMS). Verify your phone number to proceed to section 3.
  3. Next you will have to enter your payment card info for additional identity verification. Fill out all fields, check I Agree… below and click Sign up.
  4. After managing your account and choosing a subscription plan you will get a confirmation message.
  5. Pressing Start managing my service button will forward you to Microsoft Dashboard panel.
    You will find Virtual Machines section on the left - feel free to create a new VM or restore your image backup via Cloudberry Backup.

This post was contributed by Vadim S.

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