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How to Store Veeam Backups in the Cloud with CloudBerry Backup

How to Store Veeam Backups in the Cloud with CloudBerry Backup

CloudBerry Backup can be used for backing up your Veeam backup data into cloud storage. It gives you an extra level of confidence that important files are safe. In this post we explain how to start using CloudBerry Backup for backing up Veeam files.

Configuring CloudBerry Backup

After you have installed CloudBerry Backup, follow these steps:

1Launch CloudBerry Backup.

2Specify cloud storage account where you want to back up your Veeam data. Using "File" main menu select a storage type and specify a storage account credentials.

3Set up file-level backup plan - use the "Files" button to create a plan:

4Select a storage account you have specified before and click "Next":

5Proceed with the next two steps of Create Backup Blan Wizard:
- Specify a plan name
- Select a Backup Mode

6At the "Backup Source" step select C:\Backup folder as a source for the backup.

Note: Veeam service uses C:\Backup as a default destination folder for storing its backups. Select the other folder as a source if you have configured Veeam to store files on another folder.

7 Click "Next" and follow the last steps of the wizard.

That is all! You have configured Veeam data backup to the cloud storage withing CloudBerry Backup.


A possibility to back up your Veeam backups to the cloud storage within CloudBerry Backup is a great chance to keep critical data recoverable in emergency cases.

Full System Backup and Recovery

Our guide provides an overview of system backup and recovery methods:

  • System image and system state backup and recovery
  • Bare-metal recovery
  • Application-aware backup and recovery
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